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 Xplosion, The Madhouse

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Shawn Michaels
Dark Match
Dark Match

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PostSubject: Xplosion, The Madhouse   Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:44 pm

The show starts but Xplosion's theme song doesn't play, in its place is a pre-taped segment, Shawn Michaels appears to be in a cozy room in front of the burning fireplace, sitting in a comfy chair, wearing a robe, and placing one leg over another, his face isn't showing because he's holding up a newspaper with the headline "CM Punk is the new World Champion! Jericho is champion no more!", several socks are hanged atop of the fireplace, with various images of HBK, HHH and Bryan Danielson on them.... Shawn suddenly lowers the newspaper to reveal that he's wearing a monocle on his lazy eye and smoking a pipe, he grabs the pipe and puts it away from his mouth so he could speak..

-> The Heart Break Kid <-
.,. Shawn Michaels .,.
Oh hello there! I didn't see you because of my lazy eye, you see, several years ago someone named Chris Jericho smashed my head into a flat screen, oh but did I make his life a living hell or what? Just last week, I helped a newly traded CM Punk take the World Title away from that evil Chris... Oh yes, Chris have been a very naughty boy last year.. In fact, I think I have a list of his bad actions right here.

Shawn pulls out a scroll from behind the back pillow, and goes to open it, the extremely long list reaches the floor.

-> The Heart Break Kid <-
.,. Shawn Michaels .,.
Well well well... Look at this thing! I see some very bad stuff on here, betrayal... Cheating, lying, stealing, rape, murder, fraud, public intoxication, *sigh*.... Shame on you Christopher, shame on you, looks like you won't be getting any presents this year! Not a single good deed...

Shawn shakes his head in disapproval, suddenly he throws the whole list into the fireplace.

-> The Heart Break Kid <-
.,. Shawn Michaels .,.
Meh, I don't really give a damn about any of that, what's done is done, what I do give a damn about is the opportunity of a lifetime..... The Lethal Lottery, my ticket to show the world what Xplosion would be like if I were the champion, if I were the top dog, all I need is one chance! Just one chance! To stand atop of that ladder, and show the nay-Sayers that I never lost it, to show them that I don't have an ounce of self doubt in me... That I can still stop the show! That I can still put on a show unlike anything you've ever seen!... That I still am the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels..

Shawn takes the robe off, throws the monocle away, and gets up.

-> The Heart Break Kid <-
.,. Shawn Michaels .,.
You listen to me Chris, and listen closely: You better be a hundred percent in our match, no, make that a hundred and ten percent, I don't care if you lost your belt last week, I don't care if we've had problems ever since I can remember, in fact, simply put: If we lose tonight.... Let's just say, you'll hit the ground running.... Hauling ass.

Shawn then sits down again, grabs his pipe, and resumes smoking.... Scene fades, and Xplosion's usual intro plays.

Rushed for obvious reasons.
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Xplosion, The Madhouse
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