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 The Genesis Rebegins

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Randy Orton


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PostSubject: The Genesis Rebegins   Thu May 26, 2011 6:13 pm

Randy Orton appears out on the stage of Genesis, and the crowd erupts. Many of them are booing him, but there are some cheers. He prolongs his signature pose before breaking it off and taking his time to get to the ring. He then circles the ring, grabs the microphone and slides into the ring. He begins to speak as the crowd silence.

Randy Orton
Last week, I returned to Genesis after nearly a two year hiatus. I decided to just get out here and wrestle... I haven't spoken to anyone here, I've not done any interviews or anything. I was... Testing the waters last week. And I have to say... This place really sucks. I left this place in mint condition when I left for XPlosion... And it's been turned into garbage. When I created Genesis with my own bare hands and my own blood and sweat I envisaged a great brand that would overshadow XPlosion. Yet the people here can not even do a simple task... This place is so devoid of talent and ability, it sickens me!

Many sections of the crowd start to boo.

Randy Orton
I'm not gonna let that stand. I'm going to mold this brand into what it once was destined to be, what it should be now... My first task is to capture the International championship. I am the only credible superstar on here, the only one befitting of holding the International championship. Who the hell is Randy Donovan? I have never heard of him. But you know what? He MIGHT stand a chance tonight. That is the problem with triple threat matches. Last week, it was a fatal four way... I find it ridiculous. Everyone knows that I can't be beat in singles competition, so they have to devise other ridiculous concepts to beat me. Regardless... Randy Donovan would have a snowflake's chance in Hell against me. Michael Tarver however? I'm not one to measure the talent of these idiotic curs against each other, but Randy Donovan could beat Michael Tarver. Michael Tarver is an overhyped, untalented, out of shape waste of space. He lives within his own world of delusion, thinking he can beat me in any capacity in a singles match. Whenever I look at these two men and the other two I faced last week, I see the last 2 years here at Genesis. Never lived up to expectations, couldn't pass the finish line, not good enough to get to that next level... With my presence here, I can give you people something to cheer about. Something to get entertained by. Something to look forward to every week. I promise that once I get that International championship around my waist, and I WILL get that championship no matter what, it will be the most prestigious and sought-after title in this industry. Now, if you're looking for title reigns with the longevity of the... Hardcore championship or the Legends championship, pack your bags and leave. Because I am going to be champion for a VERY long time. The International championship is going to be my crown and Genesis will be my kingdom. I'm bringing back the Age of Orton, and I'm also going to make this brand the greatest in the history of this business.

Randy throws the microphone down, takes his shirt off and climbs the turnbuckle, doing his signature pose as the crowd either boo or cheer him. He waits inside the ring for the rest for Tarver and Donovan to come out.
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The Genesis Rebegins
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