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 Genesis XV

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PostSubject: Genesis XV   Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:02 am


On screen GM: Bobby Lashley

GM: V4Gz

Co-GM: Vacant. (come to me for the job cause I need the assistance.)

Game On plays and out comes Mario Gibson this time with a Johnny Cage themed Mortal Kombat attire even complete with a pair of shades. He walks down to the ring but not before giving his shades to a kid in the front row and in his hands he has a big bag and a mic which is a sign of something to come. He jumps on the goomba shaped trampoline and lands in the ring on his feet and as usual he comes out with a famous phrase.

Mario Gibson: "Its'a me, Mario! As you all saw last week i defeated one of the toughest and most intimidating people in EWE but you all know him as, *The Boss* Bobby Lashley and i wont lie to you people he was hell to face and if it weren't for that desperate move that i used otherwise known as a kick to the face then I would have been as good as done so major props to you Boss Man. So far here in the EWE i have been undefeated and that is one reason why i have my big bag of goodies with me, in celebration of my undefeated streak I am out here to let all of you people know that i wont leave all of you out of it so as usual i have some gifts for all of you."

He says with a smile and pours the bag onto the ring canvas revealing special autographed edition versions of MK9 complete with the entire mortal kombat soundtrack and even his theme song that is sold nowhere else. He looks at 2 security guards that are idle and motions for them to help him get these to the people. They come and grab quite a bit of it and after many many minutes Mario was finally done giving the gifts to the people and even gave some copies to the 2 guards that helped him

Mario Gibson: "Phew that was alot of work but as long as all of you are happy then im happy but i gotta take my leave and dont forget to!"

Crowd: "Step Your Game Up!"

The crowd says with enthusiasm and Mario nods approvingly then gets out of the ring and runs back up the ramp and back to the locker room

Michael Cole: Welcome to Genesis from the K-rock centre here in Canada!

[color=red]Matt Striker: And I don't know where that idiot Gibson is going, he has a match up next!

All is quiet in the EWE Arena, but suddenly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktQfK3Jo-zk blasts through the speakers, the fans look towards the stage, and 8-Ball runs out onto the stage. The fans cheer like crazy. 8-Ball stands on the stage and crosses his arms, and then behind him, Zodiak charges up to him. The fans get scared as they wonder what is about to happen. But then, Zodiak gives a mighty leap, and soars right over the back of 8-Ball, doing a forward flip in the process. As he does this, Green and Purple fireworks burst out of the stage. 8-Ball runs up to Zodiak and high fives him, they both turn to look at the ring, they nod at each other, and then sprint towards the ring. They both slide under the bottom rope and get to their feet almost in perfect timing. 8-Ball walks over to the ropes and asks to be given a mic, which he is. He turns to look at the entire audience.

Hellooo Chumps…..

The crowd cheer, Zodiak smiles to himself but 8-Ball doesn’t at all seem to change.

So, This is EWE huh?

Erm….8-Ball….you do not have to put a capital letter after the comma. I am just saying for future reference.

Ok…well anyway, you all saw what we did at EWE: The End as we dominated the entire ring it just so happened that I was eliminated by Zodiak here at the end of it all and….

Pffft….you think these people won’t recognise a run on sentence when they hear one.

Zodiak, stand over there in the corner and don’t say nothing.

Actually the correct term would be “Don’t say anything”.



Zodiak walks over to the turnbuckle, jumps onto it and sits.

Sooo, anyway, I just so happened to be the one eliminated by Zodiak here in our one on one showdown. That doesn’t make me the weaker of the two of us, it just makes me the unluckier on that occasion.

*Coughs* No, you’re just weaker *Cough*


Zodiak becomes silent again, looking around at the fans.

If you think about it logically, we both managed to become the final two participants in that Battle Royal. Meaning, we had what it took as a team, to get rid of everyone in there. So think of that in tag team aspects. We will be the last tag team standing above it all in EWE.

Yeah, and we will do it Legit!

Yeah, no tag team gets by us.

Yeah, we don’t take no one’s shit.


Yeah….WOAH!! Have you seen that woman’s….

8-Ball runs up and covers his mouth.

WOAH DAK!!! Hold up there. We done with the rhyming?

Yes “I” am done with the rhyming, she has an awesome bag with my face on it. I was just going to point it out.

Oh good. Well, I think these fans get the point Dak, let’s go.

Hinder exit the ring and are walking down the ramp backstage.

She did have pretty big tits though.

Dak you son of a bitch.

Do I need to remind you that you have slept with my mum previously?

Nope, I will always remember that. For the reason I’m actually one of the few people that can actually say to his best friend “I’ve had your Mom” and it be true.

Yeah, well, I tried getting to your mum, but your dog got there first.


Yeah, that’s what I told it, it just barked at me so I ran away.

We are once again at ringside, ready for the first match of the night to begin.

Michael Cole: And we're about to start things off with a high flying match up, the undefeated Mario Gibson vs the newly aquirred addition to the Genesis roster - Zodiak.

Matt Striker: Yeah and it's too bad that we have lost 'The animal' thanks to these two losers.

The theme music of Mario Gibson plays as he walks onto the ramp, smiling at his many fans.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, on his way to the ring, from Houston Texas weighing in at 245 pounds: "Super" Mario Gibson!

Gibson climbs the turnbuckle and points at the fans that are cheering him on.

Matt Striker: And I can guarantee that this match will have no fire. The two superstars involved in this match are way more interested in entertaining these people then getting the job done in the ring.

Michael Cole: Well I'd certainly say he's doing something right Matt, this Mario Gibson is yet to lose a match here on Genesis.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Yorkshire England he is one half of Hinder. Zodiak!

Matt Striker: I can't believe that the Genesis GM, Bobby Lashley agreed to swap Batista for these chumps! Just listen to their theme music, this is laughable!

Michael Cole: If I remember correctly, these two won the battle royal back at the E.N.D. I'd hardly say they're chumps.

Both Gibson and Zodiak are in the ring now. The referee calls for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding!

Gibson and Zodiak lock up. Mario releases and hits a dropkick, taking Zodiak by suprise. Zodiak falls to the mat and 8-Ball comes by his side, offering as much advise as he can. Mario grabs the leg of Zodiak and applies a leglock. Zodiak is now writhing in pain, desparately trying to kick Gibson away and releave the pressure of the hold. He eventually succeeds in this and rolls through, re-bounding off the ropes. Mario attempts a clothesline but Zodiak ducks it and jumps up onto the middle rope. He swings backwards with his foot outstreched, kicking Mario straight in the face with nasty impact. Mario falls to the mat this time holding his face.

Michael Cole: And that had to hurt, the power of a kick re-bounding off the ropes must be unimaginalble.

Matt Striker: I think if anyone tells the audience watching at home that, it should be me. After all, I am a former wrestler.

Zodiak stomps on the chest of Gibson repeatedly, he continues to pick him up and irish whip him into the turnbuckle. He runs at Gibson from the other side of the ring at full speed. Gibson however swings out of the way just in time. As a result, Zodiak crashes into the ringpost, slamming his 'area'.

Matt Striker: (laughing)Ooh and now Zodiak won't be having any children... Not that he had a chance of getting laid in the first place.

Zodiak slumps out of the ring and lays on the outside, clutching his severly bruised testies. He is just getting up when he notices Gibson on the top rope. With total disregard for his own health, Gibson leaps from the rope, falling all the way to ringside straight onto a defenceless Zodiak. 8-Ball rushes to the aid of Zodiak, trying to pep talk him into getting himself back into the ring. Gibson clutches his ribs and rolls into the ring. Reluctantly, so does Zodiak. Attempting to get back into the match, Zodiak hits a hip toss on Gibson and follows it up with a legdrop to the head. He picks Gibson back up and this time goes for a snap DDT. The move connects.

Michael Cole: Zodiak, attempting a lot of high impact moves. Matt, it's clear that Zodiak is getting restless.

Matt Striker: Oh yeah, I agree. This kid's getting beat up bad and is now giving it all he's got to try and even the score a little.

Michael Cole: Wow... That was actually a sensible and intelligent answer Matt!

Zodiak climbs to the top rope and goes for the elbow drop. He connects with the move and goes for the pin...


Zodiak looks frustrated. He pounds the mat and again climbs to the top rope. This time the high risk district proves to be unhelpful for Zodiak. Gibson mananges to jump up and hit a high knee on Zodiak before Zodiak is able to jump from the turnbuckle. Zodiak is now precariously balanced on the top rope. Mario Gibson hits a sprinboard enziguri on the groggy Zodiak, forcing him down to the mat. Gibson stays perched on the top rope and looks around at all the fans.

Matt Striker: I think Gibbo's gonna go for that nerdy finisher of his...

Michael Cole: You mean the goomba stomp?

Matt Striker: Yeah, whatever.

Mario jumps and attempts to land feet first on Zodiak but miracuously, Zodiak manages to roll out of the way! As Gibson looks around trying to find his opponent, Zodiak runs at him and hits a gobstopper out of nowhere. Blood shoots out of the mouth of Gibson.


Michael Cole: An extremely simple yet effective move there from Zodiak.

Zodiak rolls Gibson over and goes for the pin...


Michael Cole: Three!!! Zodiak has ended the undefeated streak of "Super" Mario Gibson!

Matt Striker: I can't believe it's taken this long! I want Batista back...

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, Zodiak!

The scene fades to black as Zodiak and 8-Ball celebrate their victory in the middle of the ring.

Genesis Commerical Break

The scene fades to a locker room, various photographs from Genesis history line the walls and the camera pans down to focus on Michael Tarver. The Upgrade is sitting on a folding chair with a towel over his head. He is hunched over, obviously in deep thought.

Y'know, I've been sitting here for the past two hours... Just sitting here asking myself...

Tarver rips the towel off his head and throws it across the room.


Tarver calms down and composes himself, wiping sweat from his forehead.

Some people are saying last week in that Triple Threat... I lost because of you, Stone Cold... They're saying you broke my focus... They're saying that you've managed to get inside my head. We'll you know what? They're right. The only thing that's been on my mind since The E.N.D has been that moment... That one fuckin' moment where I was on top of the world, then you came down to that ring and took it all away... It looks like these obstacles are slowing me down, they're throwing me off my game...

Tarver shakes his head and looks down at his glove.

So tonight, it's The Dudleyz who've been thrown into the firing line. Luckily for those motherfuckers, I don't have time to waste on them. I've only got one thing in mind... YOU ...Tarver points at the camera... Stone Cold Steve Austin! I want you in that ring next week, Steve. I don't give a shit if it's for the title or not... But I need this right now. Nothing would do me more pleasure than knocking that fuckin' smirk off of your redneck face. After I've knocked out The Dudleyz tonight, I'm gonna be preparing to take your ass down next... I know you're a dumbass and a redneck, but I'm hoping you aren't a pussy, 'Stone Cold'. I'll see you in the ring next week... And then I'll turn my bad luck around when I know your ass out and pin you for the one... two... three...

Tarver stands up and walks to the door, turning his head slightly as he opens it.

No more running, No more tricks... No more games.

Tarver walks out of his locker room and slams the door behind him.

We are taken back to ringside ready for the handicap match to begin.

Michael Cole: And I don't see how it's fair that Michael Tarver has to face the Tag champs tonight.

Matt Striker: You don't see anything as fair do you?

Michael Tarver storms onto the stage and down the ramp. He gets into the ring before Roberts even had a chance to announce him.

Justin Roberts: The following handicap match is scheduled for one fall! In the ring, Michael Tarver!

The famous pyro of Team 3D explodes onto the stage as the tag team champions make their precesnse felt.

Justin Roberts: And his opponents, the Genesis tag team champions! Team 3D!

The Dudleyz climb into the ring and the bell sounds.

Ding Ding Ding!

Both D-Von and Bubba Ray begin to beat down on their rival, Tarver. He tries to fight them off to no avail.

Michael Cole: This is a load of bull...

Matt Striker: This is brilliant!

Suddenly the music of SCSA plays as he runs down to the ring, the fans boo wildly.

Matt Striker: Holy Fuckity Fuck!

Steve ignores Team 3D and goes right for Tarver getting a cheap shot followed by a stone cold stunner. He then quickly leaves the arena.

Michael Cole: Tarver just got robbed!

Matt Striker: Hey, it was only chance of winning.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner as a result of a disqualification, Michael Tarver!

The fans cheer despite what just happened.

Genesis commerical break

The Dagger
Randy Donovan

Oh man...

The pitch black image dissolves away to the sight of Randy Donovan sporting his usual attire of a generic black tanktop acompanied with a pair of loose fitting track pants. He gazes upon a larger than life sized stylized poster prominently featuring Michael Tarver posing in his ring gear. His hands tightly wrapped into itself to form two fury packed fists of fury as places them under his piercing eyes. His truculent stare standing out from the rest of the imposing design of the overall poster. With the intimidating grimace of the life-sized picture looming over him, towering his physical being, he manages to stand tall with a smirk stretching across his face. His eyes flutter around the entire poster, scanning Mr. Tarver all over as the smirk continues to be his own highlighted feature.

The Dagger
Randy Donovan
Mr. Tarver... Mike. I'm sure I'm the last person you want to hear from right now. I'm sure that you're not interested in what I've got to say to you, because I'm supposing that you figure this is going to be an "I told you so moment". It could very well be that. Wouldn't you say that I'm in the position to cheerfully bounce around like a love-struck schoolboy. Flaunt my amazing victory to the masses. That's too easy, and that's not me. Truth be told, Orton, yourself and I had a showstopper of a match. It was my stops that prevailed, my advantage that lead me to a stunning victory. Whatever it's worth, I actually think I owe you an apology Michael. I figured you were wasting everyone's time, that you were simply not mentally and physically prepared for this sport. Then I walk away with my hand held high in victory and suddenly I'm the talk of the town. The new kid on the block. I'm humbled by the popularity and the credit that defeating you has brought me. Thank you for the match, thank you for giving the people another reason to consider me to be the next legend of our business.

Randy now crosses his ripped arms across his buffed chest as he stands before the poster, his face turned toward the camera as his posture remains stiff and tall. His smooth, yet rugged face maintaining its hint of a undertoned proudness with his half smile.

The Dagger
Randy Donovan
I almost saw you for the man everyone thinks you are. Then this week, you showed me how much of a punk you really can be. No one is blaming Stone Cold for your victory last week, Tarver. Stone Cold wasn't involved. If you're saying that he remained as a mental obstacle for you during our match last week, that was your flaw that you had to carry and lose with. Either way, like you said, we can't afford mistake after mistake in our careers. I'm afraid you made a huge one last week when you considered last week's triple threat to be a cake walk with Stone Cold as your current focal point. You made the mistake, pal. You are at this elevated status where you take everything for granted and you consider the new talent wish-wash. That's not how the game works, and now you take a major hit because of that. You're cursing and complaining like a teenager who got a pimple before prom and the only thing you decide to do is sit back and blame everyone else. Make excuses for my clean victory over Randy Orton and yourself, go ahead, but man I have to tell you... One day realization is going to hit you and when it does, your conscience will eat away at you as a performer, as a man, as a human.

During his rant, the poster takes a noticeable fall, hanging by a corner as it waves back and forth, mocking a pendulum. It continues to sway as Randy halts in his ranting and raving as he glances back. The Michael Tarver poster dangles diagonally, partially revealing yet another poster beneath it. The Dagger takes a glances backwards over his broad shoulder to catch on to a sight he wasn't expecting.

The Dagger
Randy Donovan
Awww, what!? Scotch tape just isn't what it used to be. Ok, then. Well folks, I wasn't planning on revealing this quite yet, but uh... I guess fate has other plans.

Randy takes a couple steps toward the hanging poster, his muscle toned arms reaching outwards to rip the dangling design off of the wall entirely. Underneath he reveals a new poster, the style bringing about more color and fused graphics to establish a new age feel. Except, this time around the poster features "The Dagger" Randy Donovan posing as if he were superman. His pecs lined out from his shirt with a firm grasp on each hip accompanied by a cheesy fake gleam in his friendly smile. His posture is perfectly up straight, the poster brings a whole new atmosphere to the current promo. Randy almost matches his grin from the poster as he watches it from below, beaming another great grin as he gazes on proudly. In bold blue font, it reads that Randy Donovan defeats CM Punk June 2nd 2011.

The Dagger
Randy Donovan
Ok, ok. That may be a little too arrogant. CM Punk, stay cool, stay cool. It wasn't meant to be revealed yet, it was just something I thought up in case you know... You didn't take notes during my debut match against two of this companies biggest threats. I understand if you think I'm looking a little too forward. I mean, I'm looking at a hardcore match. My first Extreme Wrestling Empire hardcore match in fact, against you CM Punk. Now don't get me wrong, I've endured a couple of these slaughter fests that pass for wrestling matches before. Easy has nothing to do with this. It's barbaric torture on one another using weapons of any origin. You have your typical chairs, ladders, even tables thrown into the mix. There are more foreign ideas for weapons that aren't usually considered, cheese grater, scissors... I even saw a... weed wacker... used for... You know what, nevermind. My point is, is that these brutal slug fests are known for shortening careers, causing night highlights and raising the crowd to their feet. In your case, I believe that the famous hardcore match plays a part in building careers also. That's right, I remember that you have had your stint with extreme hardcore matches. You've wandered this road before with a chair in grasp. You've been here. That makes two of us. I'm looking ahead, not dreading the match. While I don't enjoy torturing people, I do take pleasure in building my status in the company by possibly gaining another victory over one of Extreme Wrestling Empire's more elite players. My eyes are on the victory only, if that means that I have to throw my body on the line, toss you through a table, slam you into some thumbtacks, then so be it. I'm not letting go this opportunity, because you see, last week showed me just how precious these chances to face off against the best of the best is. Tarver swore up and down that I'm debuting at the wrong time, in the wrong match. Are you going to swear up and down that I don't belong here as well? Here's a tip CM Punk, don't get too far ahead of yourself. I have shown that I alone have the ability to knock the high and mighty on their pedestals when they deserve it. I just put a world championship contender in his place, me, the new guy. You, someone that certain people may consider a veteran of the hardcore style of wrestling is my next venture into elitism. This isn't stepping stones, it's not a game to me. This is my life. You are a serious challenge to anyone in this situation. Will I overcome?

The fact that his underlying proud, bubbly personality has faded slightly behind his serious demeanor became more apparent by the second. The joking all came to a halt when business became the main topic. CM Punk... Randy Donovan.... Genesis fifteen... Hardcore stipulation. The tone of his voice deepening, a subtle sign of how serious "The Dagger" takes his business. One final, echoing message to answer his question he left to the viewers. With the screen already faded to pitch black, the clear answer drives into the speakers, straight to the hearts and minds of the viewers themselves.

The Dagger
Randy Donovan
I will overcome...

We come back from commercials and we see Randy Donovan already in the ring.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a hardcore match for the Hardcore Championship tournament qualification. Already in the ring... The Dagger, RANDY DONOVAN!

"This Fire Burns" hits the P.A System as CM Punk starts making his way down the ramp. The crowd fills the arena with boos.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... The Straight Edge Messiah, CM PUNK!

Punk reaches the bottom of the ramp. He gets on the apron and grins at Donovan before getting into the ring. The both lock up neck to neck. The bell rings. Both wrestlers are still staring at eachother instead of starting the match. Punk slaps Donovan! The latter holds his cheek with fury. Donovan returns the slap! Punk is furious now. He throws a punch at Donovan and he returns it. They start trading punches. Donovan starts dominating the punches and leads Punk to the ropes.

Michael Cole: Seams like Donovan is the better puncher. Yes, I'm never using the word striker again.

Punk suddenly eye pokes his opponent. Donovan staggers backwards. Punk makes a high cake to Donovan's face, forcing Donovan to turn around.

Matt Striker: And that's why Punk is better... Plainly better!

Punk grabs Donovan in a reverse headlock. REVERSE DDT! Pin!


CM Punk gets up and he tries to stomp on Donovan, but he quickly rolls to his feet as well. Taking advantage of the distance, Donovan hits a spinning elbow. Punk rolls over his back and gets on his feet. Donovan clothesline him and Punk falls out of the ring. Donovan leaves the ring as well through the ropes. Punk gets to his feet and is driven by punches to the barricades. Donovan takes a couple of steps back. He rushes towards Punk. Drop toe-hold by Punk, causing Donovan to drive his chest to the barricades. Donovan is still leaning on the barricades, as the fans try to touch his back. Punk digs under the ring and grabs a sledge hammer. Punk turns around at the same time as Donovan. He hits him with a sledge hammer to the gut. Donovan bends. He swings the hammer to his back.

Michael Cole: Brutal, just brutal!

Matt Striker: No, that's hardcore!

Punk starts laughing. He drops the hammer and starts stomping on the back of Donovan. He then helps Donovan to his feet, struggling to keep him on his feet. He throws him into the ring. Donovan uses the ropes to quickly get up, but can't stand without them. Punk slides back into the ring. He gets up to face a kick to the gut. Donovan applies a headlock and lifts up Punk for a suplex. However, he can't keep Punk up and brings him back down. Donovan holds his back in pain. Punk lifts him up in a fireman's carry. Donovan tilts in the air and does a DDT! Pin!

Matt Striker: There goes his back.


Donovan is laying on his back and so is CM Punk. Suddenly, "Metalingus" hits the Public Announcement System. Edge walks down the ramp.

Michael Cole: What now?

When Edge reaches the bottom of the ramp, he just makes his way around the ring and joins the announcers.


Edge: Thanks for the enthusiasm, Matt.

Donovan and Punk both get to their feet around the same time. Not noticing the Edge is even at the announcers table. Punk quickly gets the advantage and starts dominating Donovan with punches. He runs to the ropes and hits the rebound. SCOOP SLAM! Pin!


Donovan rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He gets back into the ring, CM Punk is still on the mat. Donovan starts taunting him to get up.

Michael Cole: Who do you hope to win this match, Edge?

Matt Striker: Does that matter Cole? Whoever it is, Edge will beat 'em in a heart beat!

Edge: You understand me, Matt. You should be my spokesman. Cole, if you want anything, ask Matt.

Michael Cole: Why do people always like you more?

Matt Striker: Take a look into the mirror.

Punk gets to his feet. Donovan swings the chair at him, but Punk ducks under. Donovan turns around. Punk does a high kick, slamming the chair to Donovan's face. Punk is looking angry now. He takes the steel chair and tosses it out of the ring. Punk receives some boos. He waits a couple of seconds to think and then leaves the ring. He searches under the ring and pulls out a table.

Michael Cole: Interesting.

Punk gets into the ring with the table and sets it up near the turnbuckle. Donovan gets up and surprises Punk with a couple of punches before sending him to the corner. He helps Punk to the top rope and sets him up. He gets to the top rope and applies a headlock for a top rope suplex. However, Punk hits him with elbows to the guts. Donovan releases him. Punk places his head between his legs. PEPSI PLUNGE! NO! DONOVAN TOSSES HIM OFF OF HIS SHOULDERS! PUNK FALLS ON THE WOODEN TABLE AND BREAKS IT! MOONSAULT! Pin!


Genesis Commercial break

We are taken back to ringside. The fans are on the edge of their seats, it is time for the main event. There is silence for a while then the tension is broken with the sound of glass shattering. The theme of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin plays on the P.A system as he walks out onto the stage and down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! On his way to the ring, the intercontinental champion - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

Steve gets into the ring and climbs each turnbuckle one by one, raising his title for all of the audience to see.

Michael Cole: And some would say that Stone Cold's method of winning that title was not exactly a good one.

Matt Striker: Eh, who cares Cole? He's the champion and that's all that matters.

The fans boo Steve as he raises his title one more time before his music cuts out. The music is replaced with 'Voices' as Randy Orton comes out of the curtain and begins to arrogantly walk down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent from st louis Missouri, Randy Orton!

Matt Striker: And though Steve Austin might be the current champ, I believe that Randy Orton has the ability to take it away from him.

Michael Cole: That could be the case but remember, this is a non-title match tonight here on Genesis.

Randy poses on the top rope and the fans boo him as usual. He climbs down and gets ready for the match. The referee calls for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding!!!

Randy immediately runs at Austin but is clotheslined to the mat. Austin stomps on Orton, wearing him down early on in the contest. He doesn't allow Orton any space to get up or counter.

Michael Cole: And this is very strateigic from Steve Austin. He has grounded the viper and is keeping it that way.

Orton eventually manages to stop 'The rattlesnake' from doing any more damage and rolls through, slightly limping on his left leg. The two atheletes lock up and Orton gets Austin into a side headlock. Austin pushes him off and sends Orton into the ropes. Austin hits a hip toss on the re-bound and then seals Orton in an armbar submission hold.

Matt Striker: We don't often see Austin get all technical like this...

Michael Cole: You don't see it often but when you do it's spectacular. He is the intercontinental champion after all.

Austin hits a few elbows on Orton and applies even more pressure on the hold. Orton cries out but to no evail. He manages to raise his leg and kick Steve in the face, sending him reeling backward and releasing the hold. Austin re-bounds and goes for a shoulder block but Orton ducks it. As Austin re-bounds a second time, Orton hits his signature scoop slam and goes for an early pin.

1... Kickout!

Michael Cole: I don't think you can expect to win a match that quickly!

Matt Striker: It's happened before Cole, what do you know about wrestling?

Orton looks angered and picks Austin back up from the mat. He irish whips him into the corner with all his might. Austin shouts in pain and holds his back but Orton just hits repeated strikes. He places Austin on the top rope and climbs up also.

Matt Striker: Ut-oh!

Michael Cole: I think Orton could be setting up for a certain move that he learned from his father!

Orton hooks the arm over his shoulder, preparing to hit the superplex. At the last second, Steve Austin counters and lands on Orton in a crossbody.


Michael Cole: How fantastic was that counter?!

Austin places his arm over Orton and the referee begins to count a pinfall.


Orton manages to roll the shoulder up just in time and Austin looks around with a look of total disbelief. The fans, though they're watching two heels in the ring, are cheering. Austin runs and re-bounds off the ropes coming back with his trademark elbow drop manouver. This provokes Orton to get up and try to fight off Stone Cold. Orton hits a bunch of punches on Austin, sending him back into the corner. This time, instead of setting up for a superplex, Orton sets Austin up ready to go for his signature DDT from the middle rope.

Michael Cole: Now Randy Orton is setting up for a devastating DDT, if he hits this is could be over!

Orton hits the move and Austin's head bounces off the mat in a sickening way. Orton rolls him over trying to go for another pin but Austin reverses the move and rolls all the way through, ending up on top of 'The Viper', he hits strike after strike to the face of Randy Orton until it seems that Orton is nearlly unconsious. He picks him up and kicks him in the gut, he swings round trying for a stone cold stunner but Orton pushes him away just in the nick of time. Austin grabs onto the ropes and attempts to catch his breath but Orton is in no waiting mood. He runs at Austin and hits a clothesline sending both competitors out of the ring and laid out on the outside.

Michael Cole: And this has been a phenominal contest so far ladies and gentlemen

Matt Striker: We knew they were gonna tear it up tonight, but I sure as hell was not expecting this!

Orton gets to his feet first, closely followed by Steve. They brawl on the outside.

Michael Cole: But remember folks, these two have to get back in the ring before a ten count!

Matt Striker: Who cares? This is great!

Striker stands up and starts shouting encouragement at Orton and Austin who are on the ground punching each other with extreme force. The referee begins to count.


Orton picks up on the count and tries to shake off Austin but Austin is unaware and just keeps pulling him back into the brawl.


Michael ColeAnd these two better get into the ring soon or this ones gonna be over!

9...10!!! The referee calls for the bell. Orton shakes his head and Austin looks even more angry than before. There is an awkward silence in the arena, nothing seems to happen. The competitors, Orton and Austin walk around the ring, hands on hips, looking up at the ceiling. Suddenly the music of Bobby Lashley hits and the crowd cheer. Lashley walks out onto the stage with a microphone in his hands.

No, No, No. I am NOT going to let my main event end that way.

The crowd cheer, Orton looks over at Steve Austin and Steve looks back.

You two get back in the ring. Ring the bell, this match shall officially restart!

The fans cheers grow louder as Bobby leaves the arena, allowing the match to continue.

Michael Cole: Well thank god for Lashley! Now we get to see how this match truly unfolds!

Matt Striker: Well I don't really agree with the decision but whatever. More screen time for me means more money for me right?

The bell rings for a second time.

Ding Ding Ding!

Orton and Austin are groggy from their fight on the outside but still lock up fairly fast. Steve picks up Orton in a front suplex position. He hits the move, slamming Orton's face down onto the mat. Orton is in a lot of pain now. Steve drags Orton into the corner and starts stomping a mudhole. Orton slumps down to the ground a second time. Austin laughs and tries to pick Randy up again but Orton pushes him away. Austin collides with the referee, sending the referee down to the mat.

Matt Striker: Oh boy, what a wimp. We really need to invest in some tougher referees.

Michael Cole: Well I think ---

Matt Striker: And I need a tougher broadcast colleague...

Austin turns around, looking angry. He goes to pick up Orton but Orton counters and hits a low blow. Austin falls to his knees. 'The Viper' goes to a corner, a crazed look in his eye. He waits for the opportune moment then hits the punt kick. Steve's eyes roll into the back of his head as he slumps onto the canvas.

Michael Cole: That'll end it.

Matt Striker: I told you! Now Orton HAS to get a title shot!

Suddenly the fans cheer as Michael Tarver rushes down to ringside and attacks Orton. The referee calls for the bell, ending the match in a disqualification.

Matt Striker: What? If Lashley doesn't come out here and re-start this match again it's a conspiracy.

Michael Cole: But the question is why has Tarver blindsided Orton like this?

Justin Roberts: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification: Randy Orton!

Tarver continues to beat down on Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: Well I guess my question will be answered next week folks because we're out of time here!

The scene fades to black as Tarver continues to assault Orton.

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