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 Coming out for you...

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Steve Austin


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PostSubject: Coming out for you...   Sun May 15, 2011 10:38 am

Glass Shatters blasts the PA System as Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out and down the ramp. He enters the ring with a microphone after Justin Roberts introduces him.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is scheduled for One Fall. Introducing first, from Austin, Texas, THE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION...STONE COLD...STEVE AUSTIN!!!

Stone Cold stands there soaking in the booing and the cheering before he starts speaking.

Oh yeah, I just had to check your name after going to your locker room, CARLITO. What happened? I thought we were gonna meet at your locker room and share a good ol'can o'whoop ass!... Lemme tell you, I went there, but that little Mexican scrawny ass wasn't there anymore. I wasn't expecting him to have balls, but now when he comes out here, that little ol'can o'whoop ass is going to turn into an ass whooping fest and he's gonna run around the ring with my foot so far up his ass he's going to sing the Mexican anthem by accident!...But what I'm out here for isn't Carlito Carly Carl. I'm out here about Michael Tarver. As you've seen, it's not been enough, the Stunner I gave him back at the Pay-Per-View, he has the balls to come out for more, well I will give him more. Not for you people, and sure as hell not for me. I will give him more because he asked for more. And when someone asks me for some more ass whoopin', I just can't refuse.

Austin laughs...

Now come on out you little fucking broom, and let's get you over with.
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Coming out for you...
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