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 CAW Contract Template

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Chris Jericho

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PostSubject: CAW Contract Template   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:20 pm

[color=#B22222][SIZE=14][u][b][ EWE OFFICIAL CREATED WRESTLER CONTRACT ][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13] [b][u][CHARACTERS IDENTITY][/b][/u] [/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=12][i](Please insert the image itself, not just a link. If the character doesn't come with an image, give us a detailed description. Please don't use real life character images, as certain characters may be identical to playable Superstars.)[/i][/SIZE]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][ IN CHARACTER INFORMATION][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=12][b]Wrestlers Real Name(Optional):[/b]
[i](If you wish, please place your characters real name here.)[/i]

[b]Wrestlers Name:[/b]
[i](Please place your characters ring name here.)[/i]

[b]Pic Name:[/b]
[i](Please choose a real person as a pic basis for your CAW [can't be a wrestler].)[/i]

[i](Please place your characters height here. Example X’X”.)[/i]

[i](Please place your characters weight here. Example XXXlbs.)[/i]

[i](Please place your characters hometown here. Example Somewhere, Someplace.)[/i]

[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[i](Please place the Date of Birth of your character here. Example Month Day, Year.)[/i]

[b]Entrance Theme:[/b]
[i](Please put your character's entrance music here.)[/i]

[i](Please place if you character is Face, Neutral or Heel here.)[/i][/SIZE]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][CHARACTERS MOVE SET][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=12][b]Finishing Move:[/b]
[i](Please place here the “Name of the Move”, “Description of the Move” and its “Effects”.)[/i]

[b]Set Up Move:[/b]
[i](Please place here the “Name of the Move” and “What it generally leads to”.)[/i]

[b]Trademark Moves(Optional):[/b]
[i](If you wish, please place up to three trademark moves your character uses.)[/i]

[b]Common Moves:[/b]
[i](Please place ten common moves that your character uses here.)[/i][/SIZE]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][CHARACTER SAMPLE ROLEPLAY][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=12][i](Give us some substance. Tell us the nitty gritty of who your character is. Why they are the way they are, why they are in the situation they are in, how they got to this point in their life. Tell us why they got into this industry or why they didn't want to if that is the case. This is for other players to read so they can get to know your character. Please place the RP in the application itself, no links.)[/i][/SIZE]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]
[SIZE=12][i](Just to get to know you a little bit, we ask you kindly to fill out this general information about you.)[/i]

[b]Handler/Players Name:[/b]
[i](Please place your name here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your age here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your e-mail address here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your AIM here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your MSN here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your YAHOO address here.)[/i]

[b]How did you find out about EWE™?:[/b]
[i](Please tell us how you found out about us!)[/i][/SIZE]


Biggest Accomplishments:
- 2009 EWE Superstar of the Year.
- 2x World Wrestling Champion
- 2x EWE Tag Team Champion

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CAW Contract Template
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