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 Huge Announcement

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Matt Hardy

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PostSubject: Huge Announcement   Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:52 pm

Chris Jericho
Quote :
Well, after thinking about it, and talking to the co-owner, EWE Officials (Y2J/RKO) have decided to create a secondary brand for the Federation.

I'm here to take opinions on two aspects.

Co-General Manager Applications.
Everyone interested in being Co-GM apply here. Randy Orton will be the GM of the other brand while I'll mantain XPlosion for my General Management. We need 2 Co-GM's but we aren't willing to hire people who aren't interested.
John Morrison

Show Name
Say your ideas for the name of the new brand.
Names said:
*Monday Night Throwdown*
*Monday Night Fights*
*Sunday Spectacular*
*Tuesday Slamfest*
*Slammin' Sunday*
*Wednesday Frenzy*
*Downward Spiral*
*Danger Zone*
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Huge Announcement
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