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Dark Match
Dark Match

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PostSubject: REAWAKENED   Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:30 pm

Genesis GM: Hale & Joey
XPlosion GM: Matt

Announcing Team: Matt Striker (heel) & Michael Cole (face)

Genesis Tag Team Championship Title Match
The Dudleyz vs 8-Ball & Zodiak
- Hinder (8-Ball & Zodiak) made their EWE debuts at The EWE Never Dies Pay-Per-View where Zodiak won the RPW Battle Royal, but since then, this Tag Team have had trouble breaking to the front of the pack. After an impressive showing on the last episode of XPlosion, they have the opportunity of a lifetime, when they take on The Dudleyz, who are no strangers to tag matches or tag gold. Will the rookies or veterans come out on top in this tag team war? -

Hardcore Championship Title Match
Randy Donovan vs Mario Gibson vs Edge
- Ever since an impressive showing on the returning episode of Genesis, Super Mario Gibson has been on a roll, and now he gets the chance for the big payoff... But since two weeks ago, the name on everyone's lips has been Randy Donovan, the man who defeated two former world champions in his debut match... However, a very imposing obstacle stands in the path of these two newcomers, in the form of The Rated R Superstar. Who will capture the new Hardcore Title? It's going to be Fan Support vs Discipline vs Strategy in this one. -

XPlosion Tag Team Championship Title Match
Muhammad Hassan & Single H vs Matt Hardy and Joe Hennig
- To become tag team champions, you have to work like a well-oiled machine... That statement couldn't be further from the truth when you look at 'Double H', the XPlosion Tag Team Champions. Ever since winning the belts, Hassan and Single H haven't been getting along very well... But they might have to put their differences aside when they face the newly formed team of Matt Hardy and Joe Hennig. The New Mr. Perfect has looked impressive since his debut, and Matt Hardy has seen something in him. Can the champions hold onto the belts, or will their reign end before it really began? -

Legends Championship Title Match
Tyler Black vs Ted DiBiase vs ???
- Ever since the EWE Never Dies Pay-Per-View, the obnoxious Tyler Black has held the Legends Title. After joining forces with Archer Ryland to create 'The Powertrip', the duo seems unstoppable. One man who doesn't plan on falling victim to the two is Ted DiBiase, who recently re-connected to his old family ties by bringing Virgil to EWE... And who is this mystery opponent? You'll have to wait and find out. With Archer Ryland and Virgil at ringside, and a mystery opponent... How could anyone be prepared for this match? -

International Championship Title Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Michael Tarver
- Michael Tarver has demanded week after week on Genesis to get his hands on Stone Cold Steve Austin, and now it's finally happening. The Rattlesnake doesn't seem to care who he faces though, as he has decimated everyone put in front of him ever since he took the title. There is some serious bad blood between these two, so don't expect it to be pretty. When this is all said and done, who will be the last man standing? -

World Wrestling Championship Title Match
Angel vs Blackout
- The months of waiting are finally over... Angel is going to get his shot at redemption and the World Wrestling Championship when he takes on Blackout... And what a better way to do it than in the very same match from all those months ago. Will Angel climb to the top and seize the title that has eluded him for so long? Or will the sadistic artist create another masterpiece and clip Angel's wings once and for all? One things for sure, this one is going to blow the roof off of the building. -


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