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 Genesis XV

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Matt Hardy

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PostSubject: Genesis XV   Sat May 28, 2011 8:17 am

Bobby Lashley

Matt & VAGz

K-Rock Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
June 2nd, 2011

-Zodiak and 8-ball have been traded to Genesis for Batista. A lot of Genesis fans were against this trade. This week, one member of Hinder, Zodiak, goes against another highflyer, Mario Gibson. With 8-ball on his side, will Zodiak show Genesis fans what Hinder is made of and get the victory over Mario Gibson or will Gibson overcome adversity and continue his undefeated streak on Genesis?-
"Super" Mario Gibson vs Zodiak

[i]-Bobby Lashley is not impressed by what Michael Tarver did to him, hitting him with a killshot. Proving that he isn't one to be bossed around, the boss places Michael Tarver in a handicap match versus the Dudleyz. Will Tarver prove that you cannot leash the pitball or will the tag team champions hold their gold high and mighty coming out of this?-
Michael Tarver vs The Dudleyz

-Randy Donovan was able to beat two of the most renowned superstars in his debut match last week, making him one of the biggest uprisers in Genesis. CM Punk also proved that he isn't over yet. Who will make it out of this match the winner and become one step closer to becoming Hardcore Champion?-
CM Punk vs Randy Donovan

-Randy Orton gave his first words last week on Genesis since he came. He claims to have left Genesis at the top, but the new generation superstars have driven it to the sewers. Steve Austin has seen a lot of controversy about his illegible title reign. Claiming that he would be a better champion, would Orton be able to beat Austin in a non-tile match or will Austin be able to prove that he deserves to hold the International Champion despite the way he earned it?-
Randy Orton vs Steve Austin


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Genesis XV
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