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 The Debut Promo of Randy Donovan

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Randy Donovan


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PostSubject: The Debut Promo of Randy Donovan   Mon May 23, 2011 11:15 pm

Golden tinted, retro styled film flickers to life. The distorted footage displays the earlier life of Professional Wrestling. We view a classic match prominently featuring the original nature boy, Buddy Rogers. We can hear the immersed crowd screaming and roaring just as we've seen professional wrestling fans do for ages. This earlier generation of wrestling fans are seen standing, shaking their fists, giving an undertone feeling that they actually placed bets on this bout. In this early age, Professional Wrestling was a mystery. People were fascinated with it's tableau atmosphere that brought about an enchanted feeling of an athletic story. The roaring of this generation of fanatics are faded under the static filled commentary in the background.

Match Commentary
We have before us two of the strongest men in the entire world brought before us in the name of professional wrestling! It's a spectacle for the ages! Nearly everyone, the men, women and children have come to view this impressive match!

We fade out into the 1980's rendition of professional wrestling. There is more detail in terms of characteristics. The tights have gotten flashier as has nearly everything else in sight. Professional wrestling became more decorated, involving new stories, a new sense of who to root for and who to despise. We now witness Hulk Hogan, one of this generation's greatest heroes facing off against Sgt. Slaughter. The crowd's enthusiasm react in terms of the match's actions, every slam, every taunt brings about a full fledged reaction from the hyped crowd surrounding the brave wrestlers.

Static Filled Voice Over
Hulk Hogan, the world's greatest hero!

The next slow fade transition brings us into the 90's edition, where the wrestling has a more hardcore sense to it. The maneuvers inside the ring have now become even more dangerous, more creative.


*Footage from one of the classic TLC matches featuring the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz and E & C shows Jeff Hardy attempting to walk across three seperate ladders to get within arm's reach of the featured championship starts rolling.*


*We now witness Edge as he lifts the chair above his head to sling it down against his opponent's head for the con-chair-to.*


*ECW footage rolls on to display the Dudley Boyz, D-Von and Bubba Ray peforming their signature attack, 3-D on a victim through a flaming table.*


*Sabu runs across the ECW ring, sacrificing himself to perform his own attack as he is flung into barbedwire covered ring ropes.*


*Mick Foley is now slammed into a puddle of thumbtacks thanks to WWE icon, The Undertaker when using his effective chokeslam.*

And more...

*Al Snow rushes the ring, using his manikin head as a weapon.*

And now... The new era, the new revolution of wrestling takes his first breath... The image of a young caucasian male steps before the camera, strobe lights rising from intercepting the view of this man. He stands with a sense of humility as he lifts his head so that his masculine features are expressed further than usual. His beanie, tap-out sleeveless shirt and wrangler jeans have no logo baring his name. He had no fancy physical features to stand out, he was untainted youth, ready for business.

Randy Donovan
*Inhale... held for a moment before exhaling.* I am Randy Donovan. You exclusive to the mainstream global circuit may not know who I am. You may not have even heard of me. You may not even care at this second. That's fine. It's just more reasons why I should travel along this lengthy road that lies ahead of me. If I were to tell you who I am. I am something that professional wrestling has slowly lost a grasp on. I'm morality... I'm every virtue your mother taught you. I'm the golden kid of Salem, Oregon grown into a man. I am a man with an amazing opportunity. The door of opportunity opened once EWE searched me up from traveling back and forth from independent circuits, they granted me a contract for my satisfying talent. I fought my way to this point, and now I look forth and I see this paved path layed out just for me. You best guarentee that I'm going to travel this path, the journey begins now... here...

The strobe lights lower, showing responding clips that follow along with his words. First we see his intense training footage that would resemble UFC style training, including trainers.

Randy Donovan
I'm a man's man. I don't use underhanded techniques to win matches. I use finesse, power, agility, and a straight forward honest style to compete with. I don't believe men are built on cowardice, I don't believe true men are built on cheating. I've been raised to believe that men are based on their moral code. I get to show you who I am, and prove my words of praise for myself in the ring soon enough at Thursday Night Genesis. I get to face two guys in my first match, the more the merrier... I really don't care what challenges they decide to start me out with.

Various clips of Michael Tarver on NXT and independent programs flicker on the screen.

Randy Donovan
I have to admit, I haven't researched anything on Michael Tarver. The guy's an aspiring boxer I suppose? Then again I only know the surface of that guy, I don't see a reason why I have to search deeper. The dude seems to be an average boxer, and more importantly, an average at best wrestler. I don't sweat the guy. I'm sure he doesn't sweat me, but he doesn't know me. He's like the entire world, just now catching on to his "kid" named Randy Donovan. Big Promise, long road, next possibility for the future of this company. Michael Tarver on the other hand, he's kind of lingering around like a bad odor. No one cares enough to mention him, but he still isn't welcomed.

The stream of clips now flicker over to the sight of a more intimidating grappler, Randy Orton.

Randy Donovan
Call me crazy, but I'll be keeping an eye on Orton throughout this match. Randy Orton, listen up. If you think you're just going to waltz through this, then it'll be your loss. I will have no pity for you if you slip up on this. I'm telling you, if you think your big megastar image you have going for youself makes you immune from a loss against a guy like me then you're sorely mistaken. I can take you, I will take you at Thursday Night Genesis. It's going to be a surprise fest, you're going to be throwing in your stuff, then Tarver, but me... I'm the wildcard you see. I know of you. I know your style, and I've studied you, Orton. If that doesn't bring you to a disadvantage then I don't know what does. Don't take me lightly. This is my debut, you had one, and you know how nerve racking it was. But every megastar begins somewhere. Guess my road begins with you. I'm honestly honored, but that honor doesn't get in front of my pride or focus. You remember that.

The footage slowly fades into the original view of Randy with a stoic expression under the golden strobe lights.

Randy Donovan
Extreme Wrestling Empire. I stand before you a glimpse of your future. I am the honor that your company needs, and the talent that will carry your company for years to come. I am a proud man with the thirst for a legendary legacy. I'm not willing to backstab to get there, but I will put down anyone that decides to get in my way. For those of you with a flourishing legacy already, meet me anytime... anywhere... Make me a legend.

Randy Donovan flares a smirk, his head tilting forward as his focus becomes concentrated on the camera lens as if he were already in the ring, nose to nose with his future opponents. We fade to black on his fixed gaze into the abyss he imagines as the future.
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The Debut Promo of Randy Donovan
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