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 This Time..There Will Be No Cliffhanger

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PostSubject: This Time..There Will Be No Cliffhanger   Mon May 23, 2011 10:58 pm

The audience here in the Pepsi Center pops to the "You Think You Know Me.." to Edge's Metalingus. Edge runs out the curtain in his ring attire with his vintage trench coat on. He goes about a quarter down the ramp & ques his pyrotechnics with his signature "rockstar" taunt.

Edge slaps the hands of the fans & slides into the ring. He goes over to the corner of the ring & signals for a microphone. He ques the music & the cheering to die down by putting the microphone up to his mouth.

The Rated-R Superstar
Today..today marks a new beginning. Edge nods to the crowd. Today marks the day where I re-start my EWE career. Do I take away my Tag Title reign? No. Do I take away my International Title reign? Oh absolutely not! Edge pauses for a second to scratch his beard on his cheek.

Edge moves about a step & a half.

The Rated-R Superstar
Tonight..Tonight I become a new person in a way. And it all starts with a....Spear! The crowd pops. Tonight I go head to head..Or as I like to call it..Spear to Spear! with "The Animal" Batista. The crowd gives off heat to that name. Edge nods as if he was saying "Yeah, I know". Yes, Colorado, Batista is a jackass. A douchebag, more so. What kills me is his big fucking mouth! He thinks he can just come out here & disrespect each & every one of you loyal & respectful friends, & it bugs shit out of me! After tonight, when I Spear his ass into next week, maybe hit the con-chair-to.. Edge smiles & nods at the crowd while the pop at "con-chair-to". Tonight, Dave, is the beginning of the end of your--

Edge is cut off when I Walk Alone strikes the PA system.

TBC: Batista

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This Time..There Will Be No Cliffhanger
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