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 The Straight-Edge Initiative Part 1

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CM Punk


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PostSubject: The Straight-Edge Initiative Part 1   Tue May 17, 2011 4:10 pm

The audience in the Colorado Springs World Arena give off much heat to the music of CM Punk's.

Punk comes out the curtain, microphone in his hand & three bald men in suits behind him, his employees. One has a hair clipper box, another a steel chair & the last one is a black man about the size of Batista. Punk holds the microphone up to his mouth, letting the technical workers to stop his music about a quarter down the ramp.

=The Straight-Edge Savior=
:::CM Punk:::
Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit that I was not on EWE's return Pay-Per-View, the END. That is bullshit. Just like you guys saying to the judge "No, I've been clean for months". Punk's employees laugh as the crowd gives off heat. It's also bullshit that I'm not booked for a World Title match. It's also bullshit that the people I will be facing the tonight honestly think they can defeat me. Complete bullshit. Just like you disgusting people saying you are going to try to stop smoking or stop drinking. The crowd sends off even more heat.

The employees with the chair & hair clippers slide in the ring. The one with the chair sets it up as the one with the hair clippers takes them out & has the crew near the commentary table plug them up.

:::Michael Cole:::
What the hell is he doing? What the hell does he plan on doing?

:::Matt Striker:::
Calm your jizz & wait. And I know what you're doing tonight. Yeah, Henry told me. You nasty fuckface.

Punk walks up the steel steps & has the employee the size of Batista hold open the ropes for him as he walks in the ring.

=The Straight-Edge Savior=

:::CM Punk:::
Now I know you drugged up fucktards expect me to speak about my match tonight. Well, that's not what's happening tonight due to the fact that it's obvious that it'll be a squash match with me beating those shitfaces. Heat, heat & more heat from the audience here in Colorado.

=The Straight-Edge Savior=
:::CM Punk:::
Now tonight marks part one to my "Straight-Edge Initiative" where I will make all you fucktards & the entire EWE roster Straight-Edge. At the END, Mario Gibson was stupid enough not to expect the welcoming I was so politely offering to his dumbass. "Gibson! Gibson! Gibson!" the audience chants. Punk completely ignores.

=The Straight-Edge Savior=
:::CM Punk:::
Tonight...tonight I start with one of you fuckers. Joseph, CM Punk points to the employee shaped like Batista. Go get that bitch in the front row wearing the Michael Tarver shirt.

Joseph climbs out the ring & goes up to the man.

We can do this the easy way with you just hopping this thing, or we can do this the hard way.

The crowd member refuses to listen. Joseph takes his head & slams it against the railing. He grabs him by his ribs & throws him over.

:::Michael Cole:::
Oh c'mon now! This is uncalled for!

:::Matt Striker:::
Calm the fuck down, fuckface. Just watch & enjoy. Like you do when Big Daddy V is showing you..things...

Joseph takes the man & power bombs him on the steel steps. He then slides him into the ring & makes the unconscious man sit on the chair. The employee with the clippers hands Punk the clippers. Punk smiles at Joseph & says "Nice fucking job, man". Punk holds the man head & shaves his head. Punk's music starts playing as he kicks the man in his face knocking him off the chair onto the apron. The screen fades into a commercial.
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The Straight-Edge Initiative Part 1
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