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 Nobody's Safe

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Archer Ryland


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PostSubject: Nobody's Safe   Sun May 15, 2011 10:28 am

The scene fades in to show Archer Ryland, in front of a camera, at his home. He presses a button to zoom in and then walks back to sit on his leather couch. Behind him we can see his kitchen, and the camera is sitting on top of the telly. He has a serious face and is only wearing sweat pants, sneakers, and a towel over his shoulder, he is sweating from exercising. He then starts speaking.

As you've heard, I have an announcement to make after my match this week...Well, a match you'll probably be seeing next, but I have recorded this on... He looks at his watch and chuckles... Monday, yeah. Well... You guys remembered when I freaked out at Angelus right? Who could forget that...Unfortunately for me, I'll never be forgiven for that, I've been taken to court by his attorneys and came out unrequited due to him calling me out. But I've been under a different state lately, and I might just act like that more often without even any provocation...I'm worried... I'm worried that I'm like that outside the ring.

He bows his head and holds it with his hands in shame, he then looks back up.

They threatened to fire me if I ever try something like that again but the issue is, I have no control over that. I haven't left my house since I got back from UK... I don't wanna lose my job... B-but...Well this week...This week I'm in a Legends Title match, and I'm afraid to get carried over and injure a friend, hell...I'm worried about injuring Joe Hennig. You've all seen how I can be..I--I can't let my dreams be crushed due to an alter-ego or whatever gets over me. I'd be walking out the Legends Champion this Saturday in the Wembley Arena...But I'm afraid I'd be the only one walking out of the ring after that match.

He looks down, then back at the camera, as he pauses.

As you know, I don't have a family...I don't have any best or close friends...I only have this dream I'm pursuing. I want to headline Battle for Supremacy this year, you've known so since I first debuted, at the last Battle for Supremacy...I want to be remembered...I want to be a champion...and here's what I've really got to say:...If it takes me destroying everyone to get there, I am going to. Nobody is safe from the Ryland Effect...Not Joe Hennig...Not Chris Jericho...Not Tyler Black...Not Jack Evans...Not Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Triple H, NOBODY! Doesn't matter what I do to get what I want, I WILL get what I want...But I just can't let my dreams be crushed...And that's why I forfeit from competing this week in the Legends Championship match.

Story To be Continued...
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Nobody's Safe
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