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PostSubject: Perfection   Sat May 14, 2011 4:17 am



(Insert a superstar image between the brackets below)


Wrestlers Real Name:
Nicholas Nemeth

Wrestlers Name:
Dolph Ziggler



Cleveland, Ohio

Date of Birth:
july 7, 1980

Entrance Theme:
I am Perfection by Jim Johnston



Finishing Move:
Zig Zag (Reverse bulldog)

Set Up Move:
Jumping Russian legsweep that leads to his finishing move

Common Moves:
Crucifix pin
Dropkick, sometimes while sliding to the outside
Fireman's carry gutbuster
German suplex
Inverted body slam
Jumping elbow drop
Leg drop bulldog
Scoop powerslam
Sitout facebuster


Scene 1
The cameras come alive in the middle of a rundown building in a city that could be anywhere in the United States. Only the city was Minneapolis and the gym well this was where the legend started. This was the start the place that held the first ever match of Ryan Payne. They say you can’t go home again well looks like they were wrong because home was this gym. Why return here what was the point well it was simple really. HWE brand new home and straight up out the box the company tosses me into a match for a chance to get a title against my slim trim oh so sexy waist. Best part their giving me another chance to slap around the retard ranger the Brokeback poster boy Chris Cane. Still none of this explains why this gym why now. Walking around the place where it all started that I discovered that I enjoyed inflicting pain. The place I learned that I enjoyed hurting people I enjoyed making them suffer. I moved to the ring sitting on the apron looking around at the building the roof dripping puddles in the middle of the sagging ring. Slowly I lean back my heard resting on the worn down ropes and I start to talk.

I hear the rumors can he still go can Ryan Payne still lay claim to being the Sinner Saint. A few months ago that answer might have been no. A few months ago I lost my passion my drive to be the fire breathing shit talking monster that made me the best. Then I entered this company called PWI and finally got my hands on this smack talking wanna be that watched one too many country videos and thought he was a cowboy. A better definition of his ass would be a K-mart cowboy a fake cowboy they rock their trucker hats, john deere shirts, bigass belt buckles, plaid shirts, cowboy boots, carhartt apparel, and twangy ass accent just a little too hard...and it’s pretty clear that they aren't country. That’s you right Cane a K-Mart cowboy a goddamn goat roper. It was beating your silly ass from pillar to post that reminded me of just how I am. You seem to forget these things son. In PWI you ran your mouth and where did it get you nowhere. You run your mouth you talk your trash and still you get punked by me each and every time. You have this really bad case of short term memory loss don’t you sunshine.

I let my voice drift off and just float away in the empty spaces of the gym. Looking back over time I realized how often I found myself dragging up lessons of the past because of this place. Everyone from top to bottom gets the idea twisted sees the suits looks at the money. They forget the history listens I’ve given the science I’ve dropped the tiny tasty morsels I’ve left as a trail to hell and back. So people wanna get blinded by the wealth and forget the words go deaf once I open my mouth clueing them in. Slowly methodically I speak again.

Oh how truly sad it is to hear some lame ass claiming I can’t get down and dirty. Is that what you think Chris? When you see me wearing the three thousand dollar Armani suits the five hundred dollar Italian leather shoes. Maybe you think that because I drive the most expensive sport cars money can buy or I have multimillion dollar homes spanning the world. Maybe just maybe it’s because I belong to some of the most exclusive county clubs in the world. None of this is my fault Chris that I was adopted by a family that has more zeros in one bank account than you could ever hope to have in your lifetime. Chris it’s not my problem you grew up in a double wide trailer sharing a bed with your sister. Hell son it’s not my problem you have to buy your clothes from Wal-Mart and drive in a rusty piece of shit truck. Hell bitch boy it’s not my fault you wanna be me so goddamn bad that you sniff around my ex wife like a dog in heat. Then again that makes sense considering my ex is a bitch. See you need to realize Chris me and her still talk she still tells me she loves me how much she misses me. She also told me fucktard for all your talk you still haven’t closed the deal. Is there a reason for that Chris maybe Brokeback isn’t just more than a nickname? Is that a way of life for you? Is your little crush on Andy a cover Chris? You know maybe that’s why you want her won’t bother you to call her Andy in bed. Should I be worried about this little obsession you have with me man. Should I fear maybe it’s not kicking my ass you wanna do to it. You gave me something to think about I should look into wearing something other than my trunks for this match. I shudder to think what you might try to do to me if I don’t cover my ass.

I pushed myself from the apron and started to move around the gym. My eyes clear and focused as I let the past flood my mind with memories like a baby’s favorite blanket. Looking back I start to think of the things I did here to just earn a reputation. Thinking about the nights I stood in the cold shower watching the blood and dirt drip off my skin. Doing this to get noticed and I did thanks to the Japanese wrestler Nick brought in. I got noticed over there and was hired by FMW one of the most sadistic and twisted companies from there was WAR. Looking the cracked mirror I see the return of something in my ice blue eyes is returning. I turn and start to speak.

You amuse me cowboy the jokes at your sexual orientation amuse me but at the end of the day it means jack. You think talking to the fans about their weapons means a damn thing? Was some tool in a gym saying he hopes you kick my ass supposed to make me shiver and shake? You say you know things about me then you should realize those sheep mean less than rats piss to me. I don’t give a damn if they give me the weapons willingly or I have to break their jaw along with yours. None of it matters Cane you need to figure that out. You little boast about how many titles you won is meaningless when you look at my career. There’s a monster difference between you and me everywhere I go I’ve had mega success while you’ve scraped by. You can stack my career next to yours and it’s like putting the empire state building next to an outhouse. You wanna brag about a whole whopping five world titles. Bitch check it fourteen world titles twenty tag team titles not to mention the numerous so called mid card titles. One of the biggest differences between us was in a place like WWH while you needed Jake Jiles and the emo redskin to carry your ass the entire time. Me three partners three tag titles then I went on to become one of the most dominate International title champions one WWH title and one WWH world title. You think I give a rat’s ass if you held that tin title from PWI a place that closed down what a week later. I can do this all day Chris but in the end you still just like in life fall short to me. Hey Chris I saw that what you wanna call it training you did. Are you retarded bro you think some jobber trainer is really able to execute my finishers like I can. You had him come from one angle you forget I can hit End of Day’s from anywhere at any time. Best part of this was you worked on counters when you were fresh and ready you really think after a beating you’ll be so quick to counter. As for Faded Memory you can’t counter what you can’t see. You think I’ll let you see this coming. Check this Chris your TKO is gonna be ineffective when I snap your leg. This little submission your trying isn’t gonna make me tap.

Staring at the glass I turn my hips on a dime and smash my fist through the glass. I start to laugh as the blood drips down my knuckles. Bringing it to my lips I slowly lick the blood from my knuckles. Smiling I savor the taste of my hot sweet blood on my tongue. Turning slowly I laugh shaking from it slowly talking as I do.

Chris in your head you believe you’ve seen me at my best. You think PWI was the best I had to offer how sad or you. In PWI I was bored I didn’t care and yet I still beat your ass. Now let’s look at the catalyst for this match. One the fans bring their own weapons well la-dee-fucking-da. I get to beat you with things like frying pans maybe a baking sheet or two hell maybe someone will bring a toaster I can pop you with. It really doesn’t matter what they bring because it will be bloodlust I know that hell even a lead paint eating retard like you knows that. I know I’ll bleed hell I’m looking forward to it. I have this thing I love to bleed I love to make others bleed I love to hear the screams of my victims and oh yes sunshine you will bleed and you will scream. I know you Chris I know how your mind works and I know your method of attack straight forward with minimal to no formulation of a game plan. So you step in the ring you’re going to be looking for weapons of the bat you’re going to come right at me and I’m more than ready. So Chris what do you do when I have a counter for everything you can do yet you have no idea what I have planned. You’re not sadistic Chris it’s not in you to go that extra mile to lay your body on the line to destroy your mind to do what is so twisted and disturbing. Sure you can claim to be these things but you are none of these things and I’m going to expose that in you Chris. Question what I have in store you’re in for one hell of a surprise bitch.

I start to laugh as I head towards the exit and look around one more time. Yeah it was the right choice to come here tonight. For the first time in a long while I remembered who I was and what I was capable of. Turning off the lights the only sound is laughter as everything goes black.

Scene 2
The scene comes alive on two figures walking in the middle of a graveyard. One is a tall lean figure holding something in his hand. Just behind him is a struggling is a female figure. As the clouds part and the silver light from the moon shines down and you realize one is me Ryan Payne and the other is Jesus Christ Andy Rhodes tied up like a dog. Why are we together? Why is Andy hooked up to a dog collar with me holding a leash? Hell an even better question what is that second object around her neck. Oh people everything shall be answered in its own due time. First allow me to share just where in the hell we are. We are an hour outside of Nashville Tennessee visiting well let me show you. The camera turns and reveals the headstone marked Paul Cane. The cameras pan back to me standing there with a smirk on my face as I start to talk.

Chris I told you I had a surprise for you. Question is which one is the bigger surprise. Would it be Andy looking the way she is right now or is it the balls I have to visit your daddy’s grave. Personally you know me well enough or you claim to that me being here is par for the course. So to me the surprise is your little crush your muse tied up like the bitch she is. I told you Chris we still talk that she still trusted and loved me. Look where that blind faith in me got her. Let me ask you something Chris did you think I was full of shit. You thought what that she was yours this time? How dumb are you man she’s never gonna love you the way she loves me. I told you time and time again yet you never listened did you. Now look at her Chris the girl you want oh so bad tied up like the bitch she is.

I laughed as Andy started to struggle again. I reached inside my pocket of the jeans and suddenly Andy dropped to the ground. I shook my head laughing watching her on the ground. I pull a small remote from my pocket. I smirk as Andy looks at me as I jerk her to her feet and she has tears in her eyes talking to me.

Why are you doing this to me Ryan? I thought you still loved me or at the very least still cared about me.

I just laughed shaking my head and pressed the button again. Laughing harder as she dropped like a rock again I kneeled next to her. Running my hand over her cheek I just smiled the dangerous glint in my blue eyes as I spoke.

Poor Andy so naïve so gullible you thought I cared about you are you out of your mind. You wanna know why I’m doing this. It’s really simple Andria I’m doing this to send a very simple message to Cane. If I could do this to someone I care about he needs to think what I will do to him. You’d have thought he’d learn his lesson by now to better protect you when he faces me. He seems to forget I’m the master of the mind game. It was real clever of him to once again use the tired jokes about us divorcing. Of course your real good at playing the victim right Andria getting everyone to think it was only me that failed. You caused this so as Cane suffers so shall you or did you forget I don’t just attack the person I attack those close to him. You have something you’d like to say to me hun go ahead be my guest.

What happened to the Ryan I married the man I loved the man I wanted to have children with.

I laughed out loud and smiled running my hand down her cheek over her neck watching her shudder under my touch. Laughing I started to talk again.

What’s a matter hunnie you don’t like my touch anymore. That hurts Andria I remember when you used to crave my touch. Chris do you see what happens when you push a nut job a man that has no understanding of right and wrong. This to normal people wouldn’t be right. To me it’s all part of the game we play. You try to talk trash and I amp it up by one million and tear your world to shreds. How much longer Chris until you realize talking doesn’t make you in my league. You think your untouchable now because that twerp JG Wentworth is here? You forget my best friend in this business is the GM. You think this match was made by mistake.

I smirked and just laughed looking at Andy begging me to let her go. I just looked at her as I stood back up and sat on the headstone of Cane’s dead daddy. Leaning forward I just smirked speaking.

You know Chris I wish I could see your face when you get to see this promo. You made a comment about my face going red and a vein popping in my head. You honestly think I care what you think about my marriage. You think I give a flying fuck if you think I failed with Andy you think I care if you say I failed in my second marriage. There are things in this world you should worry about. Things you should worry about are things like me craving you up with any sharp object I can get. You should worry about me getting my hands on a blunt object and caving your skull in. You should worry about me ripping your flesh off snapping the bones in your body. I’d be concerned that I might rip out your eyeballs. Those are the things you should worry about Cane. Like I told you this match was set up by me for another chance to get my hands on you. Ash owed me one last favor and this match was me cashing in. I wanted you one more time Chris one more chance to shut you up hopefully for good this time. Chris have you figured it out yet that I could give shit less about winning another gold belt with a leather strap. Whoop-dee-fucking-do when I beat your ass I get a world title match. Honestly I’m bored by this idea but hey I won’t turn it down.

I watched Andy stir trying to get up and I just casually pushed the button watching her flop like a fish. I shrugged kicking the back of my boots on the headstone looking bored. Lifting my eyes from Andy I spoke.

Funny she used to make those same movements when we had sex and then she wonders why I cheated but I digress. My goal isn’t to win the world title but will be a nice little cherry on top of everything. Just the look on your face when you realize that I’m going to the Pay Per View. So think about this Chris we both know for all your talk all your bullshit one TKO away from yada yada yada covers up for the fact you have no talent. You can say you did one thing I didn’t beat Lucky bid deal bro that means so little to me. In the here and now all that matters is clubbing you like a baby seal. You know I could lose the title match but I’d be happy knowing you didn’t get a shot at something you don’t deserve. See I’m sure the worm food buried here is proud of you would he be proud of some of the things you’ve done in the past Chris. I doubt that very much. In fact bet if dear old daddy was still alive you wouldn’t have been as vile as you have been. You understand Karma Chris do you get the concept of what goes around comes around. It’s time you atone for sins of the past Chris and I’m your karmic law.

I step off the headstone and you hear the unzipping of my jeans and the sound of piss hitting stone. Of course being the prick I was I wrote my name on it in piss. Laughing as I zip back up I step back around the headstone and just laughed as I spoke.

Damn that might be bad for my karma then again who cares. Chris I’ll see you in Denver I hope you’re getting ready training on those counters for my moves.

I look at Andy still passed out on the ground and just laugh. I stoop down picking up a rock and set the remote down putting the rock on the button. I watch Andy start to twitch and flop as I just walk away laughing as the scene fades out.

Scene 3

Denver Colorado the site of the return of HWE and the first Agony in five years. The crowd pumped for a night of hardcore wrestling. As the crowd cheered and clapped they went quiet when suddenly Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch blasted over the sound system. It didn’t take long before the crowd was a mixed bag reaction of emotions as I stepped on the stage. I walked down towards the ring ignoring them. Climbing into the ring I snapped my fingers demanding a mic. Getting handed one I scanned the crowd with a smirk lifting the mic to my lips as they quieted down. Finally I started to speak.

Honestly folks I’m at a loss for words I think I said so much in my other promos I’ll sound redundant. We all know if that then I’d be just like Cane and if I was like him I’d kill myself. I arrived just in time to watch that stupid silly bastard pandering to you sheep. Running his cocksucker about how he’s gonna do this with that weapon how he’s gonna do this with another weapon. The more I think about it I don’t need your fucking weapons because I have the greatest weapon in this building and that’s my brain.

I laughed as the crowd booed not liking that I might not use their weapons. I just shrugged them off and ran a hand over my head as I started to talk.

Does that bug you people that I won’t wander out among you filthy monkeys grabbing a weapon talking about what I’m going to do with it. Well to damn bad I’m not your hero like Cane I’m the villain the bad guy in this story. Now by the smell of burnt rubber you morons are thinking the bad guy always loses in the movies and kiddy stories. Well this isn’t a movie and this sure as hell anit no Disney story. This is real life and in real life the bad guy wins. That bugs you doesn’t it knowing I’m telling the truth because you see it all over the world the bad guy wins and the good guy blurs a line and becomes bad. You think a tool like Cane truthfully cares about you people? If you answer leave the damn building and go get a CAT scan because you have brain damage.

I start to laugh as the boos get louder and louder. I didn’t care if they hated me in fact I welcomed it. I wanted their boos I needed their boos like a drunk needs a bottle or junkie needs a needle in his vein. Looking at the crowd I walked towards the ropes leaning on them as I spoke.

Does it bug you people that I’m telling you the truth that I’m not sugar coating it for you? It honestly hurts you that I won’t rub your bellies and tell you everything is going to be ok. Guess what folks nothing is ever gonna be ok there’s always going to be assholes like me. It amuses me because you wanna like me but you’re so conditioned by the media to hate me that you can’t. That’s fine don’t like me I really don’t care I welcome I want you to hate me and cheer the fakes like Chris Cane. You Chris amaze me you’re a worthless dead beat behind the scenes where these people can’t see you yet you lie to them bold face lie and they cheer you. Me I tell them the truth and they want to lynch my ass. Tonight though this isn’t good versus evil this is simply two men that hate each other looking to kick the unholy hell out of each other. Only difference is I’m just that better at what I do. So bring your sorry ass out here later and get ready for the ass kicking of a lifetime. Remember this Chris for the words have been spoken for a decade now and they still ring true. Do not falter or you will fail and fall by the wayside do not ignore the rumbling of the thunder for it is your zero hour fast approaching for I am the voice and the one lone truth. For the Sinner Saint has spoken and my words ring true on earth as they do in Heaven and Hell. In Nomine Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.

I toss the mic to the canvas and lift my arms to the heavens as Bad Company starts to play. With the cocky smirk on my face I leave the ring. I walk up the ramp and take one more look at the rabid crowd and walk behind the curtain.

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