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 Is it worth it ?

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Triple H


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PostSubject: Is it worth it ?   Thu May 12, 2011 4:50 pm

[The scene fades in to show Triple H in his locker room getting ready for his match...As he turns round you can tell by the expression on his face, that there is something on his mind.]

::: King Of Kings :::

Tonight I face a man who was i thought had the same passion as I do, for this bussiness. but he, like so many others before him... let his ego get in the way.

[HHH pauses before continuing]

::: King Of Kings :::

Who am I referring to, you may ask? Well the answer is Matt Hardy. A man who would come to the ring every show, to entertain the crowds. But not so long ago his attitude changed, his ego seems to get the better of him.

[HHH walks over to a chair and sit down, with a slight grin on his face.]

::: King Of Kings :::

I won't judge him, because i've been there. I did everything in my power to get where I am today. I've made many friends... but also many enemies, I've done alot of bad things in my career , done many bad things to people..... but then you get to a point in your career where you start to think was all that stuff all worth it ?

[HHH closes his eyes for a few seconds and starts to talk again]

::: King Of Kings :::

I was worth in the end.... but does not come with out a price.... a price which you will start to pay when we meet in the ring

[HHH gets up from the chair and leaves the lockeroom]

OOC: I'm sorry that it's so short Sad
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Is it worth it ?
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