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 The NEXUS Legend

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Triple H


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PostSubject: The NEXUS Legend   Sat May 07, 2011 1:22 pm

[ Wade Barrett had been on the whirlwind of his career. He entered EWE, making his debut on GENESIS a success. He then proceeded to win a series of matches that all led him to his destination at EWE: THE END. Wade Barrett is backstage, and as the camera begins to descend down to show him. Barrett looks directly into the camera for a moment, and threw on one of those most known smug smiles. ]

Passion. It's what guides us to higher ground, it's what makes us human. Now you see, I'm a man who has come through and been through a lot in my short time here with EWE. I started off as reluctant hero, but then I began to see the true light. My passion began to come out of me, and because of it? I managed to become a super success. I've defeated many top names, and it's no secret. I don't like some of them, but the ones I do like? I hold in high regard, I place them up on a pedestal .. so that one day? They can join me, join me .. on a quest for Domination. You see this arm band on my arm? You think it just signals the group I used to lead. It doesn't, I mean on some level? It does, but that's not what's its all about. It's about more, and it's about passion. And that passion lead me to to this Match tonight for the Legends Championship.

[ A smile escaped his lips, as he rubs his chin and then looked on off to the side. Barrett was pretty much complacent with how the way things were
going. But there were still a few things he had on his chest that he needed to get off. And the only way he knew how? Was by expressing himself, with
speech as always. ]

I'm standing here right now, and I'm thinking to myself. Man oh man, what a wonder it would be if Wade Barrett just what if I did bcome the Legends Champion?. I mean, what if beat these Fifteen other Superstars!. Look at my record here in EWE. I have lost a single match I have been involved in.
Zero matches lost, which means I haven't been pinned .. I haven't been submitted .. I haven't DQ'd myself .. been counted out .. NOTHING! And it's because I have faith. It's because I know deep down in my heart that I am the man to do what's done. And that I am the man who will bring this company. I will bring back the Nexus Order and rise up from the ashes just like the fire bird we all know. And when I do so, glory will be here.

Tonight I'll having to fight off against men like Psycho Messiah and it's simply killing me. It's making me regret ever joining up, you know? I feel .. I feel .. well. I feel like I just LIED to all of you! Regret joining up? Over Psycho Messiah? Please, that's a laugh riot if I ever heard one. But tonight, will be the night. Tonight will be the night I take on all these men, and well .. as I've been saying for the past minutes? I'm going to destroy, them all. It's our difference with one another, that will help me rise to the top of my game. It's our difference in one another, that will make me showcase my true abilities and defeat these men. It's our difference that makes us completely opposite form of one another .. and it's because of those differences that I am simply better than all of them. I will become the man everyone has known me to be. Calculating, destructive, and overall? Winner. Plain and simple, pretty obvious. It's one thing to be Wade Barrett, but it's another thing to beat him. And that will NOT happen so early on in my plans for domination. I MUST set an example for others if they are to follow my lead into the new age of The Nexus. I'm simply on a mission to change everything. Because they'll all soon be speaking in a different tune. One I'm quite sure they'll love speaking in. And it's chanting my name .. over and over .. as I surpass the other Fifteen superstars .. as the victor.

[ Wade Barrett Look around for a moment, Punk soon got caught up in the silence. He looks into the camera with intensity... then starts to laugh as the camera fade out. ]
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The NEXUS Legend
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