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 The New Age "Mr. Perfect"

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Joe Hennig


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PostSubject: The New Age "Mr. Perfect"   Sat May 07, 2011 10:51 am

:::Matt Striker:::
What the hell is going on here? Mr. Perfect is long gone!

:::Michael Cole:::
Find some respect, Matt. I mean they could be paying tribute to... Joe Hennig comes out of the curtain smiling. Oh boy...

Joe Hennig walks slow..deliberately...just to annoy the fans. Hennig walks right up to the fans, be an obnoxious son of a bitch. He smiles & continues down the ramp, into the ring. He grabs the microphone in middle of the ring.

=The New Age "Mr. Perfect"=

:::Joe Hennig:::
Cut the damn music, dumbfucks. His theme music stops. Ladies & extremely overweight gentlemen...Boys & paranoid girls...I present to you..the New Age "Mr. Perfect"! Hennig holds his hands up & bows to vicious heat. Now you shitbags are going sit your fat asses down, shut the fuck up, & listen & respect your superior! The crowd just gives the man even more heat. Shut the fuck up! Because unlike you shitheads, I am pure perfection! Take some lessons from me & you can be close to as perfect as I am! The audience just continues to deliver heat. You know what... Joe points to someone in the front row of the audience. Get your anorexic ass up here.. The crowd member hops the barricade & rolls into the ring. Now I want you to stand right there... Hennig stares at all the flaws the crowd member has.The man I'm staring at..who looks like a female model...is an example of one fucked up son of a bitch...And..ya see..I HATE! fucked up bitches!

:::Michael Cole:::

I..I don't like where this is going! I mean what the hell is he going to do!

Joe moves closer to the crowd member....PAYDIRT! Hennig hits the Paydirt on the crowd member!

:::Matt Striker:::
Haha! That's what you get for being a jacked up son of a bitch!

:::Michael Cole:::
How do you approve of this, Matt?! This is out of line!

:::Matt Striker:::
Eh, shut the hell up! Continue to jack off to that photo of your five hundred pound mother--I mean Big Show!

The security comes along & removes the laughing Hennig from the ring & out the arena. The crowd is booing as if there is no tomorrow & the crowd member is being taken out by doctors..

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The New Age "Mr. Perfect"
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