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 The Legacy re-unites.

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Ted DiBiase


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PostSubject: The Legacy re-unites.   Fri May 06, 2011 11:56 am

The lights in the arena turn a shade of green as 'I come from money' hits and Ted DiBiase strolls out onto the stage.

Ignoring the many fans in attendance, DiBiase climbs into the ring and lifts himself onto one of the turnbuckles. He points at himself, letting the fans know that he only cares about himself and they mean nothing to him. Climbing down, Ted beckons for a microphone and is handed one by a member of arena staff sitting ringside.

"Yeah. That's right, I'm back in EWE and this time I'm back to stay."

The fans instantly begin to boo on hearing this piece of information.

"Now as many of you may know, I'm making my return to the EWE ring at it's next PPV: 'The End', you may also know that I'm scheduled to compete in a faction war match with my former allies Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes. I see a small problem with this, I'm the only member of legacy that stayed a true member of legacy, while Randy became soft and Rhodes began to care more about his butt-ugly face then competition, I went on to win many championships here in EWE."

Ted circles the ring with a look of anger on his face. The fans are silent as they wait for him to continue his rant.

"So in the end, I'd just like to know how I have been overlooked like this, It's almost as if I'm an afterthought. So right here right now... I DEMAND AN APOLOGY."

Ted is cut off mid-sentence by the roar of the crowd and entrance music.

TBC - Anyone, preferably Cody or Randy but if you want to be in the promo go ahead.
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The Legacy re-unites.
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