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 A Game of Thrones

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Triple H


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PostSubject: A Game of Thrones   Thu May 05, 2011 3:28 pm

[Triple H's theme hits as the lights cut and lights around the arena flash. After a few mins, Triple H comes walking out from behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp and pours water over himself, as he flicks his hair back and continues to walk. HHH comes walking down the ramp way. He gets to the bottom and looks around. He then turns to the right and walks around the side of the ring. He then takes a drink of water and throws it into the crowd. Triple H then climbs onto the ring apron. He stands there for a few moments, and then spits the water from his mouth. The camera gets a close up on his face, as he stands there, and then spits the rest out. Triple H then climbs into the ring and walks over to the corner to the right. He climbs up and poses. He then jumps down and takes a mic.]

::: King Of Kings :::

Let me remind you all who I am, I am the Game! ... and tonight I face a man who thinks he is also a King, His name is Mickey Fandango. Tonight, I will leave Mickey, in the center of this ring, a broken, and battered man, just laying unconscious. Mickey won’t remember what day of the week it is, he won’t even remember his own name. Mickey, for you tonight, you’re simply in the wrong match

[HHH pauses and slight cheers are heard]

::: King Of Kings :::

Why, you may ask? Well the answer is plain and simple. Guys like you Mickey, know that there is not a damn man alive other than me who can keep doing what I do best. I'm gonna show why I am the "King of Kings". I want to show the whole wide world that the Game is the best around. Mickey; there are some people here who think that they're the best among them all, there are some people who think that they are the greatest wrestler alive today... or if you prefer, they think they are the next Triple H. Funny ?. No, funny is not the word. The word who comes even close to describe what I said is... idiotic. Simply idiotic.

[Fans cheer on HHH as he walks around the ring with a grin on his face.]

::: King Of Kings :::

I mean, how the hell can you be the next me? I am unique. I am multi-time World Heavyweight Champion. After everything I have done in this ring and for this company, there is not a man alive on God's green earth that will do what I do every week in this ring. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a fact.

[crowd cheers as HHH closes his eyes for a few seconds and starts to talk again]

::: King Of Kings :::

Mickey Fandango… get ready… because "THE GAME HAS STARTED, AND I'M COMING TO GET YOU!

[Crowd cheers as HHH drop the mic and waits for his opponent]
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A Game of Thrones
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