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 One of mah favorite RP's

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Dark Match
Dark Match

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PostSubject: One of mah favorite RP's   Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:54 pm

I wanted to show Joey one of my old RP's, so I tracked this down.

The scene fades in on a hallway. Various backstage crew are running around, setting up for the show. The camera pans over to the right and shows Blackout sitting on a crate, talking to Jeff Lawson. Blackout is wearing his signature facepaint, and his black leather jacket sits in a crumpled heap next to him.

You don't need to worry about a thing. Once we've dealt with everyone in the Battle Royale it'll just be you and me, then we can settle things just like we agreed.

Blackout looks up at Lawson and nods, his long dark hair hanging down over his face. Lawson smirks in approval.

But make sure you don't eliminate SynnStarr Saint, I want to get rid of that bottom-feeding bitch myself.

Blackout nods again as Lawson smiles and pats him on the shoulder. Lawson looks over at the camera, then at Blackout once more as he walks off-screen. Blackout lowers his head again, still sitting on the crate as he begins to speak.

Such a variety of competitors in the Battle Royale... So much potential in one ring... It's given me some... inspiration... You see, I can turn this ugly, uncoordinated mess into a beautiful piece of art... When I'm through with everyone in the ring tonight, people are going to know me... They're going to fear me... Whenever they shut their eyes, they'll see me there watching... Silently observing... It gives me goosebumps knowing the potential that a match like this has... Total chaos... Total anarchy... Just the way things should be... Just look at all the participants... Some have huge potential... Others do not...

Blackout looks up at the camera, with a sinister smile across his face as he brushes his hair from his eyes. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crumpled piece of paper. He opens the paper out and clears his throat.

'The Living Legacy' Jacob Moore... All the way from Chicago... Hmmph... Americans... Always so over confident... Always so sure that they can achieve anything... I've got a little piece of news for you Jacob... I can and WILL crush your dreams... Everything you've aspired to... You'll never achieve it... All the training you've done will all be for nothing... Because tonight, you'll be nothing more than a footnote in my legacy... Moving on... Ah yes, Greg Venom... The man who turned his life around and is on his way straight to the top... You've got quite the extensive resume my friend, you've got much experience in that ring... I'll be honest, you're even more experienced than myself... But why give up your life of partying and pill popping? Look at where it's gotten you... You're in a Battle Royale... Against ME... Make it easy on yourself Greg... Don't even show up, because if you do, you'll be popping pills again... Except this time, they'll be painkillers... And now onto your brother...

Blackout runs his hand through his hair, grabs his jacket and jumps off the crate. He slings the jacket over his shoulder as he continues to run down the list.

'Doc' Ian... A man who's seen and done it all in this business... You know, when I was still training... I watched you in UCW... I watched you win the UCW World Heavyweight Championship, and I actually respected you... That was before I changed... It was before I realized what a self-righteous fool you really are... You may have experience just like your brother Greg... But you're both past your prime... It's time for you step aside and let someone new into the spotlight... That someone being me... Ian, I hope you've actually got some medical experience... Because you'll need it to patch yourself up after I'm finished with you...

Blackout chuckles to himself as he stops for a moment, leaning up against a wall.

Dustin Delta... The eight time world champion... Another grizzled veteran I take it? You seem very self-assured for someone who is going to step in the ring with me... Those eight world championships are your only claim to fame Dustin... So why don't you just crawl back into the hole you came out of and fade back into obscurity where you belong... People like you are a blight on the face of the earth... A smudge of paint on an otherwise perfect work of art... And I make it my business to erase those smudges... Who's next... 'Key Lemon'? I'm not sure how anyone could be taken seriously with a name like 'Key Lemon'... Where did you come from? I've never heard of you... What's your claim to fame 'Key'? Rapping? Such an ugly form of creativity... Well 'Key'... I'll show you what true creativity is when I twist your flesh and break your bones, it's going to be captivating... Then maybe you can rap about that...

Blackout grins then resumes his walk down the hallway.

Archer Anderson... Son of the legendary Arn Anderson... You claim to be better than your father ever was, and that's probably true... Your father was nothing more than an overrated piece of trash who couldn't work alone to achieve anything... And Archer, I wish you could have a more fruitful career than him... But the fact is, you won't... Because your career ends here tonight... Archer... I believe in a madness called 'now'... And trust me, if you were born 20 years ago, you would be in the 'now', but you aren't... Time kept flowing... And it's only going to break your heart... Because tonight, I'm going to throw you into the blackness... You might think you're strong, you might think that black is not an option... But believe me... It is... I'm going to dominate you... I'll put you on your own downward spiral... Because Archer, you're nothing more than a common man... And I'm going to beat you back into reality...

Blackout walks through a door into a dark room, the lights flicker on. The room is filled with Blackout's artistic creations. He grabs a chair and sits down.

SynnStarr Saint... The woman who talks big, but won't be able to back it up... Listen, you won't be able to compete physically with the other men... Let alone me... And I'd hate to hurt a lady... Even if she is as sadistic as you... So why don't you just stay out of my way, Synn? That would make things so much easier... As a matter of fact, why don't you lay down and get yourself eliminated... Am I underestimating you? Probably... But you're nothing that I can't handle... And if you get in my way tonight... It isn't going to be pretty... Just remember Synn, I've got this one reserved just for you...

Blackout grabs a blank canvas and throws it onto the floor. In the bottom right corner it's clearly marked 'SynnStarr Saint'. Blackout looks down at it then begins to laugh maniacally. He settles down and turns back to the list.

And this brings me to... Perhaps my favorite participant... Jeremiah Jihad... A man who I see such potential in... You see Jeremiah, you claim to use the real world as your canvas... You silently observe your work from afar... But I, I like to be close to my artwork, I'm more hands on... I like to watch the blood drip from their open wounds... I like the sound of their bones snapping... And I love the feeling when they struggle as I squeeze the very last bit of air from their lungs... Nothing can compare to it... You should try it sometime... Now Jeremiah... I won't lower myself to going back and forth with you in some kind of petty squabble... I can see you have the potential... You could be a true artist... But you've been blinded by the material things... The expensive suits, the fancy cars... It all means nothing... If art was your main priority, you could achieve greatness... But tonight, I'm going to show you that you've severely underestimated me... You may be large in stature Jeremiah, but I will bring you down to my level... And I will break you...

Blackout scrunches the list up into a ball and throws it into the corner. He looks up at the camera with a sadistic look on his face.

Tonight is the beginning for me... And the end for others... To those I've mentioned, I urge you to heed my warning... I'd hate to see any of your careers cut short because of any unfortunate 'accidents' in the ring... But then again, even the most messy accidents can be beautiful in one way or another... You just have to look at them from a different perspective... An artist's perspective...

The lights cut out as the camera fades to black.

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One of mah favorite RP's
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