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 EWE Rulebook

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PostSubject: EWE Rulebook   Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:32 am

EWE Rulebook

1. If someone is using a Garfield pic, and you do it too, you get banned, for at least 5 hours.
2. The decisions of the staff are the final on all matters.
3. No more than one wrestler per player. If you wish to play more, you must get permission from the staff and must be able to handle the workload necessary. This means RPing for every card that each of your wrestlers are on. Also, you must be active for at least two weeks before receiving a second character.
4. DO NOT use the chatbox for RP. It is there for your convenience to be used for talking to other handlers and staff.
5. Though we do accept Real Wrestler Applications, out of respect for the deceased, we will not be accepting applications for wrestlers that have passed on.
6. If a Real Wrestler is not on the "Available Wrestlers" list, please get permission from the staff BEFORE applying as that wrestler.
7. While Roleplaying. Do not use any wrestler or staff member, other than your own, in ANY WAY without permission from the Staff or without the permission of the player in question. This is your only warning.
8. Swear ahead!
9. You may not use a thread from the General Roleplays area as your Match RP. The RP you submit for your match must be uniquely written by you. If you need to use another character, get their permission first. If you wish for them to give you feedback on your post, they can do that, but you are responsible for your own posts.
10. No advertisements of any kind unless they relate to this game. This should be pretty straightforward.
11. If you have two characters, Tag Teams or alliances of any sort are not allowed.
12. No reserving posts in RP's.


1. Failure to RP three weeks in a row will result in dismissal from the game and if you are playing a Real Wrestler, it will become available for someone else to play.
* If you are unable to “attend” (RP) a card you must inform the EWE Staff no less than two days prior to the event you will miss.
* The staff reserves the right to strip a champion of their title if they do not RP for an event.
2. If you wish to take a leave of absence, please let the staff know as soon as possible. If you can provide a target date for a return, that would be ideal. Please stay in contact with the staff during your leave.
3. Due to the high demand to play Real Wrestlers, the staff reserves the right to remove a character from active play and make them available for application in the case of inactive players. Anyone on leave will be given plenty of notice before such an action occurs.

So there you have it. If you like what you see, please fill out the application and let the good times roll.

Thanks everyone.


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EWE Rulebook
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