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PostSubject: HANDLERS FOR THE END   Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:21 pm

Road Dogg - Packie
Billy Gunn - Kev
X-Pac - Packie
Kane - Matt

Elijah Dinero - Elijah
Drew McIntyre - Kris
Bobby Lashley - B00Bz
Booker T - Macias
Matt Hardy - Matt
Shawn Michaels - Shawnie
Cody Rhodes - B00Bz
Ted DiBiase - Macias
Randy Orton - Overkill
Sheamus - Shawnie
Edge - H
The Miz - Kris

Triple H - H
Brett DiBiase - Anderson
Rhyno - Stawner
Kevin Thorn - Kev

Jack Evans - B00Bz
Chris Jericho - Kris

Stone Cold - Stawner
JBL - Stawner
AJ Styles - Sh/tbrik
Jack Swagger - Overkill
Monty Brown - Overkill
Archer Ryland - Kris
Mr. Anderson - Anderson
Wade Barrett - H
Michael Tarver - Kris
Mason Ryan - Shawnie
Angel - Matt
Tyler Black - Blackie
Bryan Danielson - Shawnie
Dolph Ziggler - Elijah
Psycho Messiah - PM
CA White - CA
Gregory Helms - Overkill

The Rock - Elijah
Batista - Dave

Carlito - Macias
Chris Masters - Kris
Vance Archer - Matt
Kurt Angle - Sh/tbrik
Christian - Macias
Muhammad Hassan - Matt

Raven - Alphie
Blackout - Blackie

Ok I know this will be a pain in the ass, no need to tell me about it, but also it'll be fucking worth it and we all know it, we've been around for 2 years now, and what a hell of a ride it has been. Why not give ourselves and our imaginary fans one fucking last show that will last forever? Please I hope you put an effort into your RPing.

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