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Matt Hardy

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PostSubject: I AM ALWAYS HERE   Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:05 pm

The scene fades in, showing Josh Matthews walking in the back stage area. Surprisingly, he isn’t holding his mic! While walking past a locker room, he hears sounds from the inside. He walks a few steps back, trying to see what’s going on through the door. Though, the door is only slightly open. The only thing that can be seen by the camera is Matt Hardy, the fans go wild by the sight of him. Matt Hardy seems to be pointing at something, while yelling instructions.

::: The Sensei Of Mattitude :::
= Matt Hardy =
When they say, you’re not that strong. Well, you’re not that week. It’s not your fault!

The fans recognize the song and some start to sing along.

::: The Sensei Of Mattitude :::
= Matt Hardy =
There’s nothing left to prove, nothing that I won’t do, nothing like the pain I feel for you. Nothing left to hide, nothing left to fear; I am always here!

The fans seem to be confused and so is Matthews.

::: The Sensei Of Mattitude :::
= Matt Hardy =
You feel alright now? Great, now go, go, GO!

The sound of barking is heard and suddenly Matt's dog Lucas jumps off of something height, but out of the view. He runs through the open part of the door and past Matthews. Matt Hardy walks out slightly after. He catches sight of Josh, but keeps moving past him.

::: The Sensei Of Mattitude :::
= Matt Hardy =
Hey Josh!

The scene fades away with Josh having a weird look on his face.



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