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 Death from Above

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PostSubject: Death from Above   Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:41 pm

Undetaker is shown with his belt on his waist. Beside him is Psycho Messiah. Undertaker looks at Messiah before looking at the camera.

The Deadman
In our last match. Me and Messiah were in a tag team match for the championships. In the end we were victorious. Now we have a match to defend our titles.

Taker then look at Messiah.

The deadman
We can't garuntee you that we will be the champs still. That is left to fate.

Taker then lets Messiah talk.

TBC:Psycho Messiah
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Psycho Messiah


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PostSubject: Re: Death from Above   Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:05 am

Psycho Messiah looks up and holds his EWE Tag Title up

Psycho Messiah
This right here is the begining of something, something sinister. See it don't matter the team or the challange we are coming in with one thing on our mind and its not destruction of as many people as we can get away with. It's making sure that these titles stay around our dam waists.

Psycho Messiah looks at Taker then looks back with a smirk

Psycho Messiah
Dragons nothing to take away from you at all. Your a hell of a team together and put up a great fight last time but were walking in and out as champs. So you want some come get some.

TBC Taker
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Death from Above
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