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 Shut up JR, you flabby piece of barbecue shit.

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PostSubject: Shut up JR, you flabby piece of barbecue shit.   Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:37 pm

The scene fades in to show The Miz, sitting at the announcers' table with, wearing a fancy looking grey vest with a white shirt underneath and a black tie. His hair is gelled up as always and he is sitting next to JR, Joey Styles and Coach. John Morrison and Bryan Danielson are already talking in the ring and so are Jack Swagger and Bobby Lashley.

Joey Styles: Well, welcome Miz!

Miz puts on the headset...

::: The Awesome One :::
You're welcome...

JR interrupts...

Jim Ross: What? That doesn't even ma...

Miz quickly cuts him off!

::: The Awesome One :::
Shut up JR, you flabby piece of barbecue shit... And speaking of flabby, look who's in the ring right now, Bryan Danielson!

Danielson is at the ropes yelling at The Miz and calling him out.

::: The Awesome One :::
Oh he's damn lucky he's an XPlosion superstar or else I'd fire him right now and still kick his ass! And afterwards, I'd make him join The Miz's own Kiss My Ass Club! You hear me, Danielson! They call themselves... "The American Commonsexy Thragonth of Greathneth".

Miz mocks...

::: The Awesome One :::
You know what? They should call themselves shadows of The Miz! Because that's what they are. And so was Riley, but I'm pretty much sure he's through with me after tonight. I already took my victory shower, and he'd be taking one too next week, if he just lied down. But he just had to get in my face, well I spat in his face, and I showed him what the Rapture is really about. The Rapture isn't just about extreme and it isn't just about being the General Managers of Genesis. The Rapture isn't about making an impact. Although we're all pretty good at all of that, but hey, what aren't we good at?-- The Rapture is about dominating, creating, and inflicting. Do you have any idea how much the ratings of Genesis exploded after we became GM's? We've been getting the best ratings Genesis ever got. But it's not just about that, either. Well as you can see, I'm gonna be here until the end of this match. And if I don't like what I see, I might do a little dominating and inflicting of myself--and maybe some releasing, too...

The bell rings...
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PostSubject: Re: Shut up JR, you flabby piece of barbecue shit.   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:26 pm

How dare you insult the master of BBQ....
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Shut up JR, you flabby piece of barbecue shit.
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