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Mr. Anderson

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PostSubject: Anderson....   Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:30 am

[center]The cameras pan around the backstage area until they eventually lock onto an awaiting Mr. Anderson.... he looks rather pissed at something....

Mr. Anderson
You know what asssholes.... ignorance is bliss.... its happening, they are trying to billy gunn... MISTER ANDERSON!... last week i came out there and destroyed not one, but two opponents, i asked for my re-match... what do i get? i get to face one of last weeks opponents again.... soooo lets just get to the point.. Anderson versus Riley....Anderson enters the ring... toys with Riley for a few moments... yardeee yarddeee yada.... mic check 1... 2.... 3......! ANNNDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEERSSSSSSOOOOOOON........... ANDDDDDERRRRRRSON!

Anderson looking distracted spits at the camera and then heads towards the entrance for his upcoming match.

( ooc : been very busy this week sorry for the lame rp.... also doesnt look like rileys rping plus i rly had nothing to write about )
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