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 A Common Enemy

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PostSubject: A Common Enemy   Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:50 pm

Michael Buffer: The following is a Submission Tag Team Match!

Michael Tarver's Theme hits and the crowd cheer wildly. Tarver wastes no time making his way to the ring with his International Championship on his shoulder!

Michael Buffer: Introducing first, making his way to the ring, weighing two-hundred and fixty six pounds, The EWE International Champion... MICHAEL TARVER!

Just as Tarver slides into the ring, This Fire Burns hits the PA system as the crowd give a mixed reaction. CM Punk steps out onto the entrance ramp with his AoN briefcase in hand. Tarver's eyes widen as Punk smiles, then slowly walks to the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his partner, from Chicago, Illinois... CM PUNK!

Joey Styles: CM Punk is getting a better reaction than he usually does!

JR: Remember! CM Punk has the International Title shot in that briefcase! And his partner tonight, holds the International Title!

Jonathan Coachman: That's right JR, it'll be interesting to see how both of these men work together tonight!

Punk uses the steel steps and enters through the ropes. CM Punk grabs a mic from the outside official. He stands infront of Tarver and lifts the mic up to his mouth.

::: The Straightege Messiah :::
= CM Punk =
I know how you have a high cracked mind...

Punk mainly aims at Tarver while mocking.

::: The Straightege Messiah :::
= CM Punk =
So I'll try to keep things as as simple as they can be!... In no case Tarver do I want to tag with you. Tonight is one in a life time thing. We have a common enemy, yes...

Tarver nods in understanding.

::: The Straightege Messiah :::
= CM Punk =
But as soon as this is all sent and done, I will be coming after that!

CM Punk points at the international championship and then lowers his finger.

::: The Straightege Messiah :::
= CM Punk =
And when I become the champion of Genesis, I will turn this show to a straight edge nation... One nation... Under Punk!
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A Common Enemy
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