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 The Dead Man Returns

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PostSubject: The Dead Man Returns   Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:33 am

The lights flash out as Rest in Peace hits the PA system. Undertaker soon comes out. The fans start to scream, and some try to grab him. He slowly walks to the ring. When he finally reaches it he takes of his coat. Undertaker soon asks for a microphone.

::The Phenom::
It's been long since I've been in this ring. Now Superstars are pilling up. There is one specific that I'm after that is Randy. We have had history. Now it's time to make it again. This time it will be better. It's time to make an Impact here on Xplosion.

The crowd goes wild and start to chant 'Randy' and "Taker". Undertaker then drops the mic and waits for Randy Orton to come out with a focused serious look on his face.

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The Dead Man Returns
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