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 The EWE 2009 Awards

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Matt Hardy

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PostSubject: The EWE 2009 Awards   Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:53 pm

Chris Jericho
Quote :
Katie Lea gave the suggestion of doing an award ceremony, I liked it, and I'm thinking about doing it next Saturday (THE FIRST SNX AFTER APOCALYPSE). I still don't have a name for the awards so any suggestions will be heard. Also, I need a wrestler and a diva to host each awards, so volunteer here.

Superstar of the Year (Hosted by Katie Lea Burchill & ? [IT HAS TO BE TWO DIVAS])
Elijah Dinero
Randy Orton
The Miz
Chris Jericho

Tag Team of the Year (Hosted by Randy Orton & ?)
The Kings of Sexy
The All American Americans
The Legacy
The Golden Ambition

Alliance of the Year (Hosted by Vance Archer & ?)
Rated Legacy
D-Generation X
Genesista Top Alliance
The Disciples

Show of the Year (Hosted by Ted DiBiase & ?)
Danger Zone
Battle For Supremacy

Talk Show of the Year (Hosted by ? & ?)
The Matt Hardy Show
The Palace of Wisdom
The Viper's Pit
The Cutting Edge

Promo of the Year (Hosted by ? & ?)
The Viper's Pit I
The Edge and Evans Trilogy
Debut Match of the true "Awesome One"

Match of the Year (Hosted by Christian & ?)
Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho
Tables for Everybody
Elijah Dinero vs Batista
Team Edge vs Team Christian

Diva of the Year (Hosted by Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy)
Beth Phoenix
Katie Lea Burchill
Alicia Perez
Kelly Kelly

Extreme Moment of the Year (Hosted by Edge & Michelle McCool)
Tables For Everybody, the ending of the match.
Randy Orton RKO'ing Jericho on an open chair.
John Morrison Moonsaulting from the top of a Ladder onto the Brothers of Destruction
Bobby Lashley Spearing the ladder that Batista climbed, from the top of the Hell in A Cell.

VINTAGE! Moment of the Year (Hosted by Michael Cole & Kelly Kelly)
Shawn Michaels and Triple H retrieving the tag champions on the D-X vs D-X match.
Alicia fucking Batista
Everyone killing Jack Evans
Matt Hardy winning the Legends Championship at Homecoming, on an outstanding Elimination Chamber match!

Judas of the Year (Hosted by ? & ?)
Kevin Thorn

Fail of the Year (Hosted by ? & ?)
Boobs not knowing how to refresh the C-Box
Elijey doing a sig and writing Pheonix instead of Phoenix in it.
Kane: Black is not an option.
X-Pac begging to come back.

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The EWE 2009 Awards
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