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PostSubject: Undertaker   Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:44 pm



(Insert a superstar image between the brackets below)


Wrestlers Real Name:
(Please place your characters real name here.) Mark Callaway

Wrestlers Name:
(Please place your character's ring name here.)Undertaker

(Please place your characters height here. Example X’X”.) 6'7.5

(Please place your characters weight here. Example XXXlbs.)299 lbs

(Please place your characters hometown here. Example Somewhere, Someplace.) Death Valley

Date of Birth:
(Please place the Date of Birth of your character here. Example Month Day, Year.) March 24,1965

Entrance Theme:
(Please put your character's entrance music here.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Sl2l7OXvU

(Please place if you character is Face, Neutral or Heel here.)


Finishing Move:
(Please place here the “Name of the Move”, “Description of the Move” and its “Effects”.) Tombstone Piledriver,In this variation of a belly-to-belly piledriver, the wrestler holds the opponent upside down in a belly-to-belly position, then falls to a kneeling position. As the wrestler falls, in kayfabe, the opponent's head is driven into the canvas. However, the safety of the move relies upon the head of the opponent resting higher than the knees of the wrestler so that no genuine contact with the canvas is formed.

Set Up Move:
(Please place here the “Name of the Move” and “What it generally leads to”.) Chokeslam it leads to Tombstone Pildriver

Trademark Moves(Optional):
(If you wish, please place up to three trademark moves your character uses.)
Old School
Hell's Gate
No Handed over the top robe suicide dive

Common Moves:
(Please place ten common moves that your character uses here.)

Big Boot
Corner Clothesline
Dragon Sleeper
Fujiwara Armbar
Guillotine Leg drop
Reverse Sto
Reverse ddt
Running Jumping leg drop
Running Leaping clothesline
SideWalk Slam


(Please insert an intro RP here. We prefer that it was a sample rp of the character you are applying for, but if you don't have one, we won't hold it against you.)For the first time in a very long time, Autumn was going to find herself on the different end of the spectrum. Instead of challenging and being the long shot, Autumn was here to defend her place in the ECWA and the championship she won under controversial circumstances. Sebastian Faith was going to fight her and try to take from her what she earned- and Autumn was going to be damned if she was going to let that happen. Autumn had a plan, and it didn’t include falling down the ladder a rung or two- especially at the expense of Sebastian Faith, a man that didn’t really strike fear down Autumn’s spine.

He was the number one contender, but Autumn just came off one of the biggest wins of her career- non title or not, Chris Anderson was a threat now, and he would be a threat the next time around. And as fate would have it, Autumn would be teaming with Chris’ partner, the other half of the Tag Team Champions, in a cross brand inter promotional tag team match, with the Pristine and Defiance Champions teaming up against the men who would be challenging them in a few short weeks. But unlike Autumn and Sean Bishop, Sebastian Faith and Widowmaker knew each other rather well.

It was Widowmaker that once led Sebastian Faith down the winding road of evil, and it was the same Widowmaker that abandoned him for higher waters, joining the Elite, leaving Faith alone with nowhere to run. Autumn wasn’t going to use that to her advantage- she had been ditched before and it turned out just right for her. But how much trust was actually going to take place on that side of the ring was something that only time was going to tell. Autumn knew that her and Sean were on the business end of this relationship. Sebastian and Damian Spires didn’t know what to expect. And that was good for no one.

They could work together and make it look like old times, forcing the less familiar Autumn and Bishop out of their element. They could just get by, causing a false comfort zone for the champions, putting them in harm’s way. They could also implode, which would bode well momentarily but eventually turning the match into a four way melee with nothing to gain. Regardless of how it was going to go down, something was going to go down, that was for sure. And Autumn was going to have to be prepared. She knew she didn’t want to give up too much of a tell to Sebastian, knowing that they would be fighting in a few short weeks. This was a tune up, if anything. Everyone had to be aware of this.

Autumn let the cameras roll on this Saturday evening, giving a look inside to her world for the first time this week. Sebastian, Damian, and even Sean Bishop and Chris Anderson would be wise to pay attention here.

“Damian, you sound so angry like someone owed you something this week. Did you need another week off to rest up for your match? You’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing since you joined that deflated floundering stable known as the Elite; do you really have any right to be complaining at this point? Or should you just be happy that you’re stepping into the ring this week, a little preview of what’s to come in a few weeks on Pay Per View? Want to give the fans a free taste of what you can offer? Great. But where’s that been for the last six months?”

Autumn grins. Maybe she hasn’t been paying any attention or maybe she just didn’t care that much, but to her knowledge, Widowmaker Damian Spires, along with the rest of the Elite, had been doing nothing for a very long time now.

“Outside of losing the World Championship, Pristine Championship, and the World Tag Team Championships this year, you guys have surely stayed on the map. Or pretended to. I guess relevance doesn’t matter if no one cares either way. I hope you realize that you aren’t going to have your buddies back you up this match- it’s been a while since you all have been on the same page anyway, hasn’t it? Is there even an Elite anymore, Damian? Or is it something you just carry around in your back pocket as if the name was of some sort of worth? I hope you have something else in the arsenal because you better be damned well ready for a fight. You’re fighting the top champions of each brand- hiding behind the Elite will only get you so far. This, of course, is assuming the Elite even supports you.”

Planting an unnecessary seed of doubt for the number one contender to the Defiance Championship.

“Sebastian Faith- the last time we fought you didn’t know when to just stop. You got disqualified in our fight because you lacked discipline on giving up on a hold. You, Sebastian, the technical expert, too frustrated to break the hold- and I should see you as someone worthy of taking my championship from me? What do you think this is, amateur hour? Are we just giving away handouts now? Give me a break, I’ve seen better smarts on some of our more hardcore talents, sacrificing their bodies but never sacrificing their minds. And while that was over a year ago, I can’t help but wonder if anything has changed or if you stand a fighter’s chance in hell in upending me and taking this title. If you haven’t noticed, Sebastian, I demand the floor when I’m out in the ring. I don’t have to jockey for position, Faith, because I’m already there. Use all of your antifeminist comments- you and Damian, please do so and humor me. But never forget that in the end, you still have to do what only five people, of only which two were men, have been able to do, and that was defeat me. And pardon me, but neither of you are on the level of Tommy Glitter or Rick Storm.”

Six losses in three years has to count for something. If she’s going to be taken lightly, still, for some reason, she was going to fire back with some cheap shots. She wasn’t going to sit back and play the game she was used to; ‘I told you so’ was getting old. Autumn was going to say what was on her mind. Fuck being humble and fuck being cordial. This was the ECWA. It was cutthroat. She was going to do what she had to do in order to get any semblance of an advantage tonight, and for the Pay Per View.

“You want to be remorseful for your actions, in the past, Sebastian, that’s fine. That’s quite understandable because what you did to me did not show me any insight to the kind of person you claimed to be. But know that even if you wanted it or not, you have to get your comeuppance here this week. You need to be expiated for what you did, now, and again in a few short weeks. Take it from me, you might want to remind me, but I never forgot. I feel like we are all where we are because of past situations. You, me, the match before- that was a past situation. Can you learn from it? Can you gain some sort of experience or will you let it just be another situation in the past, with no special relevance to what is next? It’s a submissions match Faith, and like last time, there is a lot at stake. What’s going to get the best of you? Your competitive edge or your inability to differentiate right from wrong? Should be one hell of a situation if you choose to acknowledge it.”

Not kind words from Autumn, but for no other reason than the fact that she needs to assert herself. She needs to put her foot down and show the world just exactly who she is. If Sebastian and Widowmaker were going to want be taken seriously by her, they first had to extend that same courtesy back.

“Sean Bishop and myself, while not on the same page, will be fighting for what we believe in, and that’s the righteous fight. If you, Sebastian, or you, Damian, choose to follow in our footsteps and realize that what we do is not far from what is right things will bode well for the four of us. If not; if you choose to haphazardly come at me or at my partner this week- well I think we all know how that will end.”

The scene ends. Autumn heads off as the camera shuts off. She has heard from Sebastian and Damian, and now they have heard from her. Time will tell where this entire situation heads from here on out. What Autumn does now, is that she is prepared.

(Just to get to know you a little bit, we ask you kindly to fill out this general information about you.)

Handler's Name:
(Please place your name here.)Undertaker

(Please place your age here.)16

(Please place your e-mail address here.)euryreyes@live.com

(Please place your AIM here.)don't have one

(Please place your MSN here.)euryreyes@live.com

(Please place your YAHOO address here.)Don't have one

How did you find out about Extreme Wrestling Empire?:
(Please tell us how you found out about us!)

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PostSubject: Re: Undertaker   Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:51 pm

Signed to XPlosion! Welcome to Extreme Wrestling Empire!
You will be put in a match for next week after tomorrow's PPV.


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