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Randy Orton


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Wrestler Name: Randy Orton
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PostSubject: Revenge...   Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:53 pm

Randy Orton comes out to the stage with a smile on his face. He poses with the title as the crowd boo. He slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring, and slides in, heading straight for the turnbuckle. He ascends it and holds his title high up in the air, before doing his signature pose. He climbs down and is handed a microphone. He then stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd continue to boo. He is about to speak, but sets the microphone down and holds his championship high above his head, causing the crowd to boo more. Randy smiles, and starts to speak.

Randy Orton - The Viper
Get used to that. Because tonight, my ally Chris Jericho is going to end Matt Hardy's career, and Triple H will get no rematch. If Matt Hardy beats Chris Jericho, then it won't even matter. I am back from injury, so I would finish Triple H in two minutes, IF he's lucky. You see, Triple H isn't on my level. I have surpassed him, a man who has let this title slip from his grip TWICE. This title will NEVER leave my grip, because I am stronger than him. 6 years ago, I surpassed him in Evolution and he got jealous, so he, Roid Monkey and a Stylin' and Profilin' Fossil decided to take it out on me. Fast forward to earlier this year... Triple H was my LACKEY. That was all he was. I won't lie, Triple H can hold his own but against me? He is NOTHING!

The crowd starts booing as Randy Orton smiles.

Randy Orton - The Viper
After Chris Jericho beats Matt Hardy and I am STILL World Wrestling Champion, I am going to clean my roster up. XPlosion will become what I set out for Genesis to be... After I put everyone in a hospital bed with a cracked skull, no one will want a title shot. The Age of Orton will reign supreme for a LONG time.

The boos from the crowd get more intense as Randy Orton begins to laugh.

Randy Orton - The Viper
You can't see it? Look at all the people I have taken out over the years. They are countless. I could fill an arena with the amount of people that I have kicked in the skull, and you ALL know it! I am the most dominant man in this business, more dominant than Triple H, more dominant than Matt Hardy and even Chris Jericho! THAT is why I hold this belt. No one can get things done in the way I can. I didn't win the Scramble match by the skin of my teeth, I won it in style. I left it until the end because I am an intelligent champion, unlike Triple H. Triple H is a savage who just can't get anything done right, and he is a fool for opposing me. Tonight, I take my dominance to another continent. I'm sure all of you primitive people are honoured by a champion like me showing up here, so I'm sorry to say that if Matt Hardy cheats Chris Jericho out of his victory, I will be ready to finish Triple H in less than a minute.

The insult makes the whole arena start to boo.

Randy Orton - The Viper
But hey, pay attention, because you could be in Triple H's position one day. Not that there's anyone in the crowd that could make it as a professional wrestler, but this is a common occurrence in life. An insignificant wretch, aka Triple H claims he can knock down the dominant champion, aka Randy Orton. Normally, the wretch rises above the dominant champion, but not tonight. Tonight, Chris Jericho beats Matt Hardy and Triple H sits in his locker room, or Matt Hardy cheats Chris Jericho out of a victory and I have to put Triple H down myself. I'm fine either way, but honestly, I suggest Triple H stays in his locker room. You see, the thing about me is I'm more dominant than any other champion before me. I am better than Goliath. Better than the Emperor of Japan. Better than EVERYONE, because I am better than the best.

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