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 Contract Template

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Chris Jericho

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PostSubject: Contract Template   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:22 pm

[color=#B22222][SIZE=14][u][b][ EWE OFFICIAL WRESTLER CONTRACT ][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13] [b][u][CHARACTERS IDENTITY][/b][/u] [/SIZE][/color]

(Insert a superstar image between the brackets below)

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][ IN CHARACTER INFORMATION][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=12][b]Wrestlers Real Name:[/b]
[i](Please place your characters real name here.)[/i]

[b]Wrestlers Name:[/b]
[i](Please place your character's ring name here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your characters height here. Example X’X”.)[/i]

[i](Please place your characters weight here. Example XXXlbs.)[/i]

[i](Please place your characters hometown here. Example Somewhere, Someplace.)[/i]

[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[i](Please place the Date of Birth of your character here. Example Month Day, Year.)[/i]

[b]Entrance Theme:[/b]
[i](Please put your character's entrance music here.)[/i]

[i](Please place if you character is Face, Neutral or Heel here.)[/i][/SIZE]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][CHARACTERS MOVE SET][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=12][b]Finishing Move:[/b]
[i](Please place here the “Name of the Move”, “Description of the Move” and its “Effects”.)[/i]

[b]Set Up Move:[/b]
[i](Please place here the “Name of the Move” and “What it generally leads to”.)[/i]

[b]Trademark Moves(Optional):[/b]
[i](If you wish, please place up to three trademark moves your character uses.)[/i]

[b]Common Moves:[/b]
[i](Please place ten common moves that your character uses here.)[/i][/SIZE]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][CHARACTER INTRO ROLEPLAY][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=12][i](Please insert an intro RP here. We prefer that it was a sample rp of the character you are applying for, but if you don't have one, we won't hold it against you.)[/i][/SIZE]

[color=#B22222][SIZE=13][u][b][OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION][/b][/u][/SIZE][/color]
[SIZE=12][i](Just to get to know you a little bit, we ask you kindly to fill out this general information about you.)[/i]

[b]Handler's Name:[/b]
[i](Please place your name here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your age here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your e-mail address here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your AIM here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your MSN here.)[/i]

[i](Please place your YAHOO address here.)[/i]

[b]How did you find out about Extreme Wrestling Empire?:[/b]
[i](Please tell us how you found out about us!)[/i][/SIZE]


Biggest Accomplishments:
- 2009 EWE Superstar of the Year.
- 2x World Wrestling Champion
- 2x EWE Tag Team Champion

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Contract Template
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