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 Secondary Jobs

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Matt Hardy

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PostSubject: Secondary Jobs   Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:30 pm

Chris Jericho
Quote :
You can have another job to help here!

Secondary Jobs Include:

Info Show: The Pope Aid's. Host: Elijah Dinero.
Talk Show XPlosion: The Palace of Wisdom. Host: John Morrison
XPlosion Deadliner: Triple H
Genesis Deadliner: Vacant
XPlosion Co-GM: John Morrison
Genesis Co-GM: The Miz
Janitor: Jack Evans
Talk Show Genesis: The Viper's Pit. Host: Randy Orton
EWE Journalist: Dave Batista
Informer: X-Pac

Job Details

Info Show: Aid people with good advices on how to do E-Fed Related stuff the Announcement Thread.

Talk Show: Do an in-ring talk show on your brand, follow the steps of Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, hell! Even Matt Striker...

Deadliner: Not too big of a deal, all you have to do is post a thread for your show's MRP zone at 9 PM Central US Time saying that the Deadline has passed and no MRP's made after it will count.

Co-GM: Be the GM! Help your boss! Haha!

Informer: Inform people of stuff, if one of the GM's, Co-GM's tell you to inform everyone of something, you shall do it!

EWE Journalist: Post somewhat of a thread on announcements with EWE's news, Releases, Signings, Match Card Info, even interviews! This job will be the most important of the secondary jobs.

Finally, all people with secondary jobs will be rewarded, maybe with pushes, pics, Main Eventing, Title Matches, who knows? They are surely not being released if they do both their jobs well.
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Secondary Jobs
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